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Brownsville Station: Station Offers a Rock 'n Roll Holiday

Interview by Mike Gormley, Detroit Free Press, 26 December 1969

AS WE SEE it now, about 12 years ago a lot of people had good foresight. They knew what was going to happen in the ...

Detroit's Rock Culture

Overview by Lester Bangs, Phonograph Record, December 1972

DETROIT, FOUNDED in 1736 by a turncoat (to both sides) halfbreed Indian named Quazimodo from the Kuitee tribe which dwelled circa 1670-1777 on the shores ...

Brownsville Station: The Right Track

Report and Interview by Jim Esposito, Zoo World, 7 June 1973

IF YES HAVE nightmares, they're probably about Brownsville Station. ...

Brownsville Station: Yeah!

Review by Gene Sculatti, Phonograph Record, October 1973

I DON'T KNOW if there's any correlation between Brownsville Station's oddly misplaced power chords on parts of their new album and the band's misreading of ...

Brownsville Station: Smokin' Out America's Slade

Profile and Interview by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 2 March 1974

FIRST PLACE the tip of the digit finger on the first fret of the third string, then place the second finger on the second fret ...

Brownsville Station

Interview by Anne Moore, Los Angeles Free Press, 10 May 1974

'Smokin' In the Boys Room' is the first hit for an audacious group by the name of Brownsville Station. Thankfully, Brownsville isn't just another commercial, ...

Brownsville Station: School Punks

Review by Greg Shaw, Phonograph Record, 1 July 1974

THERE'S NEVER been a band that wanted to be teenage as desperately as Brownsville Station. They've tried everything, from '50s rock ('Rockin' Robin', 'Hello Mary ...

Brownsville Station: School Punks

Review by Ken Barnes, Rolling Stone, 1 August 1974

THIS IS AN IMPORTANT album. It's a good album, too, but even if it were terrible, it would still be important. ...

Hard Rock in Hawaii: "Like an Army Zone"

Report by Judith Sims, Rolling Stone, 10 October 1974

HONOLULU — BACKSTAGE violence erupted before an August 31st concert at Hawaii Raceway Park which starred War, Black Oak Arkansas, Billy Preston and Brownsville Station. ...

Brownsville Station: Motor City Connection

Review by Robot A. Hull, Creem, November 1975

INSTANT CUT-OUT!! It's a shame, too, cuz Brownsville Station produced many sweathog elpees over the years. Cept now you find 'em all in bargain bins. ...


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