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Burnin' Red Ivanhoe

Burnin' Red Ivanhoe


Burnin' Red Ivanhoe, Can, Amon Düül et al: Is It Euro-Rock Next?

Overview by Richard Williams, Melody Maker, June 1970

Richard Williams takes a Common Market-minded guess at a future trend in pop... ...

The Byrds: (Untitled); MC5: Back in the U.S.A.; Burning Red Ivanhoe

Review by Richard Williams, Times, The, December 1970

BESIDES BEING ONE of the seminal rock and roll bands, the Byrds also possess perhaps the music's oldest case-history. Of the group which came out ...

Amon Düül II et al: Eurorock

Overview by Richard Williams, Melody Maker, January 1971

Richard Williams on the European bands who are rejecting the traditions of Anglo-American rock ...

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