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Camper Van Beethoven

Camper Van Beethoven

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Camper Van Beethoven: Astral Geeks

Interview by Richard Gehr, Spin, June 1986

"WE TAKE way too many hallucinogens, we're totally paranoid, and we believe in giant conspiracies. If we get a flat tire, it's caused by the ...

Camper Van Beethoven: Ludwiggin' Out!

Profile and Interview by Richard Grabel, New Musical Express, 13 September 1986

WHAT'S A Camper Van Beethoven? Actually, I forgot to ask. But check what I heard when I asked about its role models. ...

Camper Van Beethoven: Camper Van Beethoven (Rough Trade)

Review by David Quantick, New Musical Express, 29 November 1986

CAMPER VAN Beethoven occupy the leftovers of Americana. Others have claimed the broader fields of country music and rock and punk, and the great subjects ...

Camper Van Beethoven: Camper Van Beethoven (Rough Trade)

Review by Richard Gehr, The Village Voice, 6 January 1987

CAMPER VAN Beethoven's first LP, last year's Telephone Free Landslide Victory, contained ‘Take the Skinheads Bowling’, an absurdist manifesto and immediate college-radio hit whose popularity ...

Camper Van Beethoven: Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart (Virgin) ***½

Review by Michael Azerrad, Rolling Stone, 11 August 1988

CAMPER VAN Beethoven, the long-time champ of college radio, has burst out of the indie underground with a strong major-label debut that boasts better songs ...

Camper Van Beethoven: Electric Ballroom, London

Live Review by Stephen Dalton, New Musical Express, 24 March 1990

SWOOPING IN from a nostalgic and sun-nourished California that never even existed, Camper Van Beethoven touch down in London with mature and majestic grace. In ...

Camper Van Beethoven: New Roman Times

Review by Richard Gehr, Tracks, December 2004

FOR THEIR FIRST album since 1989's elegiac Key Lime Pie, David Lowery and his original posse of SoCal stoners reunite for a fascinating life-during-wartime alt-rock ...

Ghost Of The Lost Coast: Camper Van Beethoven

Profile and Interview by Robert Dean Lurie, Blurt, January 2013

I'VE NEVER REALLY agreed with the famous quip (attributed to Martin Mull) that "writing about music is like dancing about architecture". Nick Tosches, Lester Bangs, ...

Camper Van Beethoven: California Dreamin'

Report and Interview by Geoffrey Himes, Paste, 22 January 2013

DAVID LOWERY is the lead singer and chief lyricist for two well-known rock bands: Camper Van Beethoven, which he co-founded in 1983, and Cracker, which ...

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