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Emitt Rhodes

Emitt Rhodes


Emitt Rhodes

Interview by Anne Moore, Metropolitan Review , November 1971

EMITT RHODES is a one man band-singer-composer-producer. He does everything on his own terms, controlling his creativity as few artists in the business have ever ...

Emitt Rhodes: Mirror (Dunhill)

Review and Interview by Harold Bronson, UCLA Daily Bruin, November 1971

FEBRUARY 9th was the day of the famous Los Angeles earthquake. After it was over, the damage totaled $300 million. For me the loss was ...

Emitt Rhodes: On And Off The Merry-Go-Round

Retrospective by Mark Leviton, UCLA Daily Bruin, November 1973

MY FIRST MEMORY of Emitt Rhodes is still very vivid — he was on the television program Where the Action Is as a part of the group ...

Happy Happy, Joy Joy: Emitt Rhodes

Retrospective and Interview by Erik Himmelsbach, LA CityBeat, January 2004

EMITT RHODES still doesn’t know what hit him. Thirty years ago, he was the new Paul McCartney, an ambitious kid who craved the perfect pop ...

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