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Chicano Rock

Special Feature by Bill Millar, Record Mirror, 30 October 1971

ON 3 February 1959 Richard Valenzuela died in a plane crash along with Buddy Holly whose final recordings foretold the Beatless sixties; a more pop ...

Viva Tex Mex... Viva MD 20/20... Viva Freddy Fender!

Report and Interview by Joe Nick Patoski, Zoo World, 6 June 1974

"...and Freddy Fender is probably still down in Nuevo Laredo waiting to turn the world on — wonder if Sir Doug's found him yet?" ...

Freddy Fender's Tex-Mex 'Teardrop'

Profile and Interview by Joe Nick Patoski, Rolling Stone, 5 June 1975

AUSTIN — "RIGHT ON, Cacheton," an orange-suited Freddy Fender drawled to a Western-attired onlooker at the El Paso Cattle Co., a steel building that was ...

Freddy Fender: Back In San Antone

Profile by Bill Millar, Let It Rock, October 1975

DURING THE SEVENTEEN years he's been making records Freddy Fender has drawn standing room only crowds to club appearances, done time in Angola and scored ...

Behind the Scenes: Huey Meaux's bathtub sound

Profile and Interview by Joe Nick Patoski, Rolling Stone, 13 July 1978

HOUSTON — "Y'SEE, the Big Bopper needed a flip side to 'The Witch Doctor Meets the Flying Purple People Eater', so he wrote this tune ...

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