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Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks


A Life In The Day Of Garth Brooks

Interview by Simon Witter, Sunday Times, 1992

Original version of piece for The Sunday Times Magazine ...

Garth Brooks: Meet Nashville's New Breed Of Generously Stetsoned Crooner

Profile and Interview by Mark Cooper, Q, March 1992

BANDY-LEGGED and pigeon-toed, Garth Brooks has finally taken off his stetson and is staggering around the stage of Atlanta's Omni like a man who's just ...

Garth Brooks: Ropin' The Wind

Interview by Anthony DeCurtis, Rolling Stone, April 1993

GARTH BROOKS is a regular at the Pancake Pantry on Twenty-first Avenue in Nashville. When he arrives for breakfast, the proprietor greets him at the ...

Garth Brooks

Profile and Interview by Robin Eggar, Sunday Times, January 1994

"SHHH." THE admonition echoes around the room, stalling conversation in mid-drawl, beer in mid-swallow. The ensuing hush is equal parts reverence and show-me. ...

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