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Oasis/Shed Seven/Elastica/Echobelly/Gene: EC Raiders

Report and Interview by Ted Kessler, New Musical Express, 19 November 1994

Sacre bleurgh! Parisian hoteliers flee through the boulevards as la creme de Brit indie culture — i.e., OASIS, SHED SEVEN, ELASTICA, ECHOBELLY and GENE — ...


Interview by Elaine Cusack, Guitar, February 1995

JUST WHO do Gene think they are? Appearing out of nowhere last spring, the London-based quartet produced three highly contagious singles, had journalists fawning all ...

Gene: Olympian (Polydor) ***

Review by Jason Cohen, Rolling Stone, 29 June 1995

BARELY A year old, Gene have already attracted the standard amount of instant acclaim in merry old England. In this latest case the critical clamor ...

Gene: Beast Boys

Interview by Steven Wells, New Musical Express, 6 February 1999

Gene — bunch of weedy, sensitive fops, right? Wrong! For they have returned and this time they are a no-nonsense, well-hard fighting machine. So just ...

Gene: Forum, London

Live Review by Keith Cameron, Guardian, The, 18 January 2000

AS THE MUSIC industry struggles to acclimatise to the brave new online era, it's somehow fitting that the first major gig of the year should ...

Gene: As Good As it Gets

Sleevenotes by Terry Staunton, Polydor Records, January 2001

THE 17 TRACKS gathered on this disc provide a perfect opportunity to re-appraise one of the brightest, most intriguing bands of recent times (isn't hindsight ...

Gene: Maxwell's, New Jersey

Live Review by Devon Powers, PopMatters, 25 September 2002

WHEN I first heard Gene, it was 1995, and I was a senior in high school. ...


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