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Geri: life after spice

Interview by Sheryl Garratt, The Observer, 6 June 1999

Once, she was known to the world as Ginger, the sassiest, loudest Spice Girl. Now, she's grown up, grown out the red, and is ready ...

Geri Halliwell: Outer Spice

Profile and Interview by Robert Sandall, The Sunday Times, 8 May 2005

Since Geri Halliwell launched her solo career she's drifted in and out of our orbit. Now she's having another shot at re-entry. She's a woman ...

Boyzone, Westlife, Corrs, Geri Halliwell et al: Party in the Park, Hyde Park, London

Live Review by Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, 5 July 1999

Famous for 10 minutes ...

Pungent Spice: Geri Halliwell: Schizophonic (EMI) ***

Review by Stuart Maconie, Q, August 1999

She's covered all the bases. She hasn't covered them all well. ...

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