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The Go-Go's' Charlotte Caffey (1986)

Interview by Gerrie Lim, Rock's Backpages audio, 30 July 1986

The former Go-Go talks about the breakup of the band; about writing for and touring with the newly-solo Belinda Carlisle; about changes in her lifestyle in her 30s; and about how she was influenced by Debbie Harry and in turn influenced new women in pop. Plus she discovers that Belinda's solo album is in the Billboard charts with three bullets...

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The Go-Go's: Squealin' With A Feelin'

Interview by Mark Williams, L.A. Weekly, 10 April 1980

IT HARDLY seems right that five diminutive females dwarfed behind guitars and drums would be showing the door to half of Southern California's elder statesmen ...

The Go-Go's: Ready Steady Go-Go's

Profile and Interview by Sylvie Simmons, Sounds, 12 April 1980

GO-GO'S: 1. Bouncing entertainment; choreographed Happy Pill; females showing a hell of a lot for little reward. 2. Hollywood pink-punk band; all of the above ...

The Go-Gos Go!!

Interview by Don Snowden, New York Rocker, June 1980

THE GO-GO’S are a great rock ‘n’ roll band, pure and simple. ...

The Go-Go's: I-Beam, San Francisco CA

Live Review by Mark Cooper, Record Mirror, 20 September 1980

THEY BURST on stage as bubbly as cheap champagne with a resounding "pop". Their clothes are swinging teenage sixties, miniskirts and tights, Mary Quant boots ...

The Go-Go's: Beauty And The Beat (I.R.S.)

Review by Don Snowden, New York Rocker, October 1981

THE DIFFICULT thing here is reconciling expectations based on long-time familiarity with the vinyl reality. For you, the Go-Go's are the all-female L.A. quintet behind ...

Hey Hey! We're the Go-Go's!

Report and Interview by Julie Panebianco, Boston Rock, 1 October 1981

INSIDE SPIT, amid cans of Tab and boxes of equipment sat the Go-Go's looking... well, miserable. ...

The Go-Go's: Beauty and the Beat (IRS)

Review by Toby Goldstein, Musician, November 1981

IT HASN'T been easy to be a fan of groups like the Raspberries during the past few years. What those minions of white-suited quartets and ...

They Think They're Go-Go

Report and Interview by Toby Goldstein, Creem, November 1981

Makeup Secrets Of Five Wild & Crazy Girls ...


Profile and Interview by Mike Stand, Smash Hits, 21 January 1982

"THE WEIRD thing is we've sold nearly a million albums back home and about 20 in the UK," say the Go-Go's, sounding a little bemused ...

The Police, Go-Go's: Spectrum, Philadelphia PA

Live Review by Jim Green, Trouser Press, April 1982

IT WASN'T the same seeing the Police at the Spectrum, Philadelphia's pro sports arena, as it was back at CBGB or even the midsize Palladium. ...

The Go-Go’s: Vacation

Review by Robot A. Hull, Creem, November 1982

"ASK ANY TEN people in the popular recording field about female singers and nine of them will say, 'forget it, the percentage of girl singers ...

The Go-Go's: Go Agog A-GoGo!

Live Review by Cynthia Rose, New Musical Express, 20 November 1982

The Go-Go's: Lyceum, London ...

The Go-Go's: Go-Go's Of Your Dreams

Report and Interview by Susan Whitall, Creem, December 1982

DEEP IN THE soul of every writer lies a secret: what does the writer do to avoid writing? I'll empty my brain pan now: I ...

The Go-Go's: Talk Show (IRS)

Review by Laura Fissinger, Musician, May 1984

CAR 'N' BAR dance bands area pop staple with a frequently short shelf life. One or two albums into some of these careers, then it's ...

The Go-Go's: Talk Show (A&M)

Review by Cynthia Rose, New Musical Express, 19 May 1984

WEIRD HOW male listeners have to go through this whole process of Coming To Terms with the GoGos' musically simplistic, sentimentally sophisticated hybrid of high ...

Rapping To The Go-Go's

Interview by John Mendelsohn, Creem, August 1984

ON THE OCCASION of the release of their latest album, America's only rock 'n' roll magazine that bills itself as such asked for the two ...

Belinda Carlisle: Be Lovely, Be Lucky, Belinda

Interview by J. Kordosh, Creem, October 1986

A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO, Belinda Carlisle's life was everything it wasn't supposed to be. ...

Miles Copeland: "Make sure you write what a nasty S.O.B. I am"

Interview by Rob Tannenbaum, Musician, March 1988

STING'S BRING On the Night was a big-budget home movie by a talented musician convinced that every breath he takes deserves to be documented. It ...

Belinda Carlisle: From Go Go to Solo

Interview by Lucy O'Brien, The Guardian, 22 November 1989

She's come through the live-fast, look-bad, almost die-young scene to a beautiful future. Belinda Carlisle tells Lucy O'Brien how she did it ...

Belinda Carlisle!

Interview by Caroline Sullivan, Smash Hits, 23 January 1991

• She used to live in the untidiest house in Hollywood!• She plays music to her plants!• She's had about half an hour's holiday to ...

The Go-Go's: The Beat And How To Get It (Again)

Profile and Interview by Erik Himmelsbach, Los Angeles Reader, 18 November 1994

"YOU LOOK FAMILIAR," Kathy Valentine says as she scavenges through the remains of what were once many bags of bagels. "We didn't have our way ...

The Go-Go's: The Fab Femme Five

Retrospective and Interview by Paul Elliott, Q, May 2002

Long before girl-band conveyor-belt pop and mainstream stardom for their mucky singer Belinda Carlisle, there was "the world's best female band" The Go-Go's. Meet the ...

L.A. Punk: California Screamin'

Retrospective by Don Waller, MOJO, July 2004

Ignored by the major labels, hounded by cops, fuelled by booze and drugs, L.A. punk was born in a concrete basement in Hollywood known as ...

Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go's

Interview by Carl Wiser, Songfacts, 22 October 2007

THE GO-GO'S emerged from the late '70s Los Angeles punk/New Wave scene to become pop sensations and MTV darlings. They write their own songs, which ...

Kathy Valentine of the Go-Go's Reveals All She Ever Wanted

Interview by Bob Ruggiero, Houston Press, 27 March 2020

FOR KATHY Valentine, it was a Christmas gift that not only kept on giving, but in many ways came to define her life and music. ...

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