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Haysi Fantayzee

Haysi Fantayzee


Haysi Fantayzee: "...Tall Skinny People In Search Of Paradise"

Interview by Betty Page, Noise!, July 1982

THERE'S A poster goin' round town with Big John starin' out, mighty real, sharpshooters in hand, chaps in place. N' they're a-saying 'John Wayne Is ...

Haysi Fantayzee: The Cheeky Double Fantasy

Interview by Carol Clerk, Melody Maker, October 1982

Carol Clerk shouts "Up yer bum!" as she discovers the sexual side of HAYSI FANTAYZEE ...

Haysi Fantayzee: Battle Hymns For Children Singing – The Best Of Haysi Fantayzee

Sleevenotes by Alex Ogg, Cherry Pop, February 2007

HAYSI FANTAYZEE were formed in 1981 by a fashion photographer from Wigan, Kate Garner, and her boyfriend, Paul Caplin, late of EMI act Animal Magnet ...

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