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Howard Tate

Howard Tate


Howard Tate (2004)

Interview by Gavin Martin, Rock's Backpages Audio, June 2004

The great lost voice of soul recounts his career, from childhood gospel in Philadelphia, through his '60s hits with Jerry Ragavoy, his leaving music behind and the dark years, right up to his recent rediscovery and revival.

File format: mp3; in 2 parts, total file sizes: 50mb, total interview length: 54' 36" sound quality: ****


Howard Tate and Lou Courtney: The Blues and Dance Men

Profile by Roger St. Pierre, New Musical Express, September 1973

TWO ARTISTS of widely different appeal, Howard Tate and Lou Courtney both deserve inclusion in this series because although only modestly successful even in the ...

The Unearthing of Howard Tate

Report by Cleothus Hardcastle, Rock's Backpages, April 2001

"They had a thing in MOJO, like, Whatever happened to Howard Tate? He’s gotta be fuckin’ dead, man!"– David Johansen, talking to Rock’s Backpages, January ...

Howard Tate: The Return Of A Soul Music Master

Interview by Peter Stone Brown, Gadfly, October 2001

"Last I heard about him he was in New York, and Jerry Ragovoy used to produce him. He made all these demos with the guy ...

Howard Tate: Rediscovered

Sleevenotes by Andy Schwartz, Private Music/RCA, 2003

NOTE: I was surprised and very saddened to learn that the great soul singer Howard Tate had died 12.2.11 at age 72, reportedly from complications ...

Howard Tate: Fate?

Profile and Interview by Gavin Martin, Record Collector, June 2004

HOWARD TATE is sitting opposite me sipping black coffee in the bar of a West End Hotel and I can hardly believe it. Until recently ...

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