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Report and Interview by David Bennun, Melody Maker, 1993

AFTER LESS than a year in the recording business, Jason Kay, the man who is Jamiroquai, has developed an understanding with the press. They are ...

Jamiroquai: Hat's Entertainment!

Interview by Push, Melody Maker, March 1993

Jamiroquai are Jay Kay, basically, a serious 22-year-old west Londoner with serious political ideas, a serious love of funk and a seriously funky voice. PUSH ...

Jamiroquai: Lost In Space

Interview by Andrew Smith, Face, The, November 1994

JAY KAY shouldn't really be telling me shit like this. He and his band for — make no mistake, it is his band — have ...

Jamiroquai: Cardiff University, Wales

Live Review by Paul Moody, New Musical Express, November 1994

Champignon, The (Stevie) Wonder Hoarse ...

Jamiroquai: The Return Of The Space Cowboy

Review by David Sinclair, Q, December 1994

ONLY JAY Kay could come up with as naff a title as The Return Of The Space Cowboy and make it sound about right. A ...

Jamiroquai: A Funk Odyssey

Review by Dan Gennoe, Q, 2001

JAMIROQUAI/JAY KAY has shrugged off many a jibe about his disco-funk devotion – not to mention hats, dancing... But if 16 million album sales haven't ...

Jay Kay: The Esquire Interview

Interview by Dan Gennoe, Esquire, 2001

THERE ARE DOGS and there are dogs. The two German Shepherds growling and baring teeth on the drive of Jay Kay's Buckinghamshire estate, are the ...

Jamiroquai: Jay Kay

Profile and Interview by Dan Gennoe, Notion, June 2005

THERE ARE rock-star houses and then there's Jay Kay's rock-star house. A two hundred year-old, 10 bedroom manor – it was 11 until he knocked ...

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