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John McLaughlin (1996)

Interview by Colin Harper, Rock's Backpages audio, 17 January 1996

The fleet-fingered jazz-rocker looks back to the '60s, through his time with the Mahavishnu Orchestra and Shakti, and fondly remembers his time with Miles Davis, and playing with the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck and more.

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After Miles comes Tony's Lifetime

Interview by Richard Williams, Melody Maker, 17 January 1970

THE IMPORTANCE of the use of rock rhythms by the Miles Davis Quintet is only now beginning to be realised. Like everything Miles does, it ...

John McLaughlin: The Truth Comes Out

Interview by Dave Marsh, Creem, July 1970

IT IS amazing that John McLaughlin has not become more renowned than he already is. He's the most thoroughly progressive genius of that instrument ever. ...

John McLaughlin: Devotion (Douglas 4); Tony Williams Lifetime: Turn it Over (Polydor 24-4021)

Review by Dave Marsh, Creem, August 1970

THIS IS the real shit. ...

Tony Williams, Jack Bruce, John McLaughlin: Risk of a Lifetime

Profile and Interview by Rob Partridge, Record Mirror, 3 October 1970

JACK BRUCE described Lifetime as simply the best band in the world. Jack, as quarter of Lifetime, might of course be a little biased. But ...

Jack Bruce: Royal Court, London

Live Review by Karl Dallas, The Times, 3 November 1970

WHEN JACK BRUCE played bass guitar with Cream, he extended what had until then been the instrument's limited range into nearly equal status with Eric ...

John McLaughlin: My Goal's Beyond

Review by Lester Bangs, Phonograph Record, November 1971

JOHN MCLAUGHLIN has been around: gigging with Graham Bond in 1966, Jack Bruce in ‘68 and intermittently with Miles Davis since then, he has cut ...

John McLaughlin: My Goal's Beyond (Douglas 9)

Review by Dave Marsh, Creem, November 1971

THIS RECORD isn't as good as John McLaughlin's first record Devotion. It's pretty damn depressing. ...

John McLaughlin: Man For All Seasons

Interview by Andrew Tyler, Disc and Music Echo, 15 January 1972

Meet John McLaughlin the jazz giant, man of God, New York hermit and cult leader ...

John McLaughlin: The Best of All Possible Worlds

Profile and Interview by Martin Hayman, Sounds, 10 March 1973

IT WAS IN the very first-ever issue of this paper that a long article on John McLaughlin appeared, praising him to the skies and honouring ...

Carlos Santana & Mahavishnu John McLaughlin: Love Devotion Surrender

Review by Richard Williams, Melody Maker, 30 June 1973

Jamming in the spirit of Coltrane ...

The Captain Kirk in John McLaughlin

Overview by Ian MacDonald, New Musical Express, 7 July 1973


John McLaughlin: Gimme Dat 11/8 Time Religion

Overview by Ian MacDonald, New Musical Express, 14 July 1973


John McLaughlin: It Was Natural Evolution

Interview by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 2 February 1974

NEW YORK: Although John McLaughlin's decision to disband the Mahavishnu Orchestra came as a surprise in the closing weeks of 1973, further reflections point to ...

John McLaughlin and Carlos Santana: Cruisin' With The Guru

Interview by David Rensin, Creem, March 1974

The backseat revelations of Carlos Santana & Mahavishnu John McLaughlin ...

Mahavishnu John McLaughlin

Interview by Steven Rosen, Guitar Player, February 1975

MAHAVISHNU JOHN MCLAUGHLIN has taken the guitar further in the last two years of his career than most players hope to in a lifetime. His ...

John McLaughlin: Phew! — This is a Jolly Interesting Article!

Interview by Brian Case, New Musical Express, 1 February 1975

— And BOY! has it got a lot in it! First, there's the full gen on Miles Davis, plus all the top-secret stuff about In ...

John McLaughlin & Shakti: The Bottom Line, NYC

Live Review by Miles, New Musical Express, 30 April 1977

"McLAUGHLIN LOOKS GOOD with long hair," said Nancy. ...

John McLaughlin & The One Truth Band: Rainbow Theatre, London

Live Review by Ian Penman, New Musical Express, 14 October 1978

THIS WAS A celebration of John McLaughlin's 25th anniversary as a guitar player — an event similarly rnarked by the recent Electric Guitarist album, which ...

McLaughlin/Di Meola/De Lucia: Hammersmith Odeon, London

Live Review by Mick Brown, The Guardian, 20 June 1983

A COMBINATION of John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola and Paco De Lucia — three guitarists in the world heavyweight class — promises a multitude of ...

Fernando Saunders' Lead Bass

Interview by Rob Tannenbaum, Musician, June 1985

Pop Royalty's First-Call Bassist Is Into More Than Keeping Time. ...

John McLaughlin: God of Fusion

Retrospective and Interview by Colin Harper, unpublished, 1996

Author’s note: I reviewed John’s Cork Jazz Festival gig circa January 1996, and then interviewed him in London shortly after that. Features based on the ...

Alan Douglas: Thee Man Who Sold The Underworld

Retrospective and Interview by Edwin Pouncey, The Wire, July 1997

Now into his fifth decade at the doors of perception, label boss ALAN DOUGLAS hasworked with many of the century's underground greats, from Lenny Bruce, ...

John McLaughlin: The Heart Of Things — Live In Paris

Review by Ian MacDonald, Uncut, June 2000

EX-MAHAVISHNU whizz and legendarily virtuosic cosmo-prog funk-jazz extrapolator in cool comeback shock ...

John McLaughlin

Book Excerpt by Phil Hardy, Dave Laing, 'Faber Companion to 20th Century Popular Music', 2001

b. 4 January 1942, Yorkshire, England ...

Jeff Beck and guests: Royal Festival Hall, London

Live Review by John L. Walters, The Guardian, 17 September 2002

WHATEVER YOUR take on rock guitar heroics, Jeff Beck's three-night South Bank residency was certainly the most miscellaneous gig of the year, and a logistical ...

The Brian Auger Quintet & the Rick Laird Trio: Fleeting Moments in 1964

Book Excerpt by Colin Harper, (Jawbone Books), 2014

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Rick Laird, who died on 4 July 2021, very kindly talked to me for Bathed In Lightning: John McLaughlin, the 60s and the ...

Alan Douglas, 1931-2014

Obituary by Richard Williams, The Guardian, 18 June 2014

Record producer best known for his controversial posthumous releases of Jimi Hendrix recordings ...

John McLaughlin Discusses Mahavishnu Orchestra, Liberation Time, and More

Interview by Jim Farber, JazzTimes, 5 July 2021

Fifty years ago, he founded that epochal band and revolutionized the jazz world. Today, he's making music that reaches back to his roots, and his ...

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