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Johnnie Allan

Johnnie Allan

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The Promised Land …… And How To Get There: Oval Records

Report by Charlie Gillett, New Musical Express, 21 December 1974

Inside looking out; CHARLIE GILLETT, who has started his own record label, Oval Records, reports from the other side of the fence on the processes ...

Johnnie Allan: A Swamp-Pop Special

Profile and Interview by Bill Millar, New Kommotion, 1978

I'VE A CONFESSION to make. I know nothing about rockabilly (you guessed huh?). All these years I've been into blues, soul doowop and swamp-pop, especially ...

Johnnie Allan: Promised Land

Interview by Richard Wootton, Omaha Rainbow, Summer 1978

'PROMISED LAND' by Johnnie Allan is a rarity — a perfect pop record; just over two minutes long, it's a dynamite recording of the old ...

Johnnie Allan's 'Promised Land'

Retrospective by Andy Gill, Word, The, February 2011

ON 5th MARCH 1960, the same day that his rival Elvis Presley was being discharged from the army and welcomed back as an all-American icon, ...


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