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Johnnie Allan

Johnnie Allan

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The Promised Land …… And How To Get There: Oval Records

Report by Charlie Gillett, New Musical Express, 21 December 1974

Inside looking out; CHARLIE GILLETT, who has started his own record label, Oval Records, reports from the other side of the fence on the processes ...

Johnnie Allan: A Swamp-Pop Special

Profile and Interview by Bill Millar, New Kommotion, 1978

I'VE A CONFESSION to make. I know nothing about rockabilly (you guessed huh?). All these years I've been into blues, soul doowop and swamp-pop, especially ...

Johnnie Allan: Promised Land

Interview by Richard Wootton, Omaha Rainbow, Summer 1978

'PROMISED LAND' by Johnnie Allan is a rarity — a perfect pop record; just over two minutes long, it's a dynamite recording of the old ...


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