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Kelly Willis

Kelly Willis

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Kelly Willis: Well Traveled but Hopeful

Profile and Interview by Marc Weingarten, Los Angeles Times, 4 April 1999

Singer Kelly Willis has stayed true to herself despite a turbulent country career. Now, things are looking up. ...

Just Walk Away: Kelly Willis' What I Deserve

Review by RJ Smith, The Village Voice, 13 April 1999

KELLY WILLIS HAS the most uncomfortable-making way of saying "thank you". Live a few weekends ago I heard her say it at least a dozen ...

Drowning in Genius: Surveying this season's mountain of greatest-hits albums

Review by Eric Weisbard, Spin, December 2000

SO, WHAT'LL IT BE: Tears for Fears? .38 Special? Whitesnake? It's become impossible to keep abreast of all the best-ofs, as labels keep foisting greatest-hits ...


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