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Knack, The

Knack, The

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The Knack: Starwood, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Don Waller, New York Rocker, April 1979

ONCE UPON a time, The Knack was a movie starring (I believe) Michael Caine and Rita Tushingham. Set in swinging London, the plot revolved around ...

The Knack: How You'll Be Getting It

Report and Interview by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, 2 June 1979

I LEANED over and whispered in the ear of the blank-looking blonde girl seated next to me: "I'm a stranger in this town, so maybe ...

The Knack: Get The Knack

Review by Robot A. Hull, Creem, October 1979

PREAMBLE: In these inflationary (and indifferent) times, one expects a great deal from the investment of his/her time and/or money. Consequently, I have designed this ...

Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn: Ballroom Blitz & Hearts of Glass

Interview by Harry Doherty, Melody Maker, 29 December 1979

Mike Chapman began with Mud and Sweet, disappeared when glitter-rock went cold, and came back to make the new wave palatable for America with the ...

Max Knack Attack

Report by Richard Riegel, Creem, January 1980


The Knack: …But The Little Girls Understand

Review by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, 15 March 1980

IT'D ALMOST be a relief to be able to say that this second Knack album is a stinker and a sure-fire failure, because then I ...

The Knack: …But The Little Girls Understand

Review by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 15 March 1980

When the little girls do understand, you boys have had it ...

The Knack: Dominion Theatre, London

Live Review by Danny Baker, New Musical Express, 15 March 1980

And they brought their own audience too ...

Knuking The Knack Inside Their Own Reactor

Report and Interview by Richard Riegel, Creem, April 1980

Connubial Alliance Invades the Heart Of the Beast ...

The Knack: ...But The Little Girls Understand (Capitol SOO-12045)

Review by Jon Young, Trouser Press, May 1980

"THE SONGS are an assortment of feelings and emotions expressed redundantly as only the Knack can...This record is very dear to me and my bank ...

Power Pop: Flamin' Groovies/ Dwight Twilley/ the Knack

Essay by Tom Hibbert, History of Rock, The, 1984

IN THE MID SIXTIES, within the music of groups like the Kinks, the Byrds and the Who, musical aggression and melodic invention had co-existed. But ...

The Knack Rises Out Of The Ashes

Interview by Richard Cromelin, Los Angeles Times, 25 December 1986

REMEMBER THE Michael Jackson backlash? You think Madonna and Sean are facing one now? Those are nothing compared to the greatest rock backlash of them ...

Go All The Way: A Thing Called Power Pop

Overview by Dave Laing (Australia), I Like Your Old Stuff, 25 March 2017

"Pete Townshend coined the phrase [power pop] to define what the Who did. For some reason, it didn't stick to the Who, but it did ...


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