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Kylie Minogue

Interview by Tom Hibbert, Smash Hits, 20 April 1988

She's already been number one for about 12 years with 'I Should Be So Lucky', she's about to bring out her new single 'Got To ...

Kylie: Taking Charge

Interview by Clinton Walker, Edge, The, January 1990

It was always easy to make fun of Kylie Minogue. But now, having turned 21, she's started to take more control of her career and ...

Kylie Minogue: Docklands Arena, London

Live Review by Everett True, Melody Maker, 5 May 1990


Kylie Minogue: A Wallaby Adored

Interview by David Quantick, New Musical Express, 28 September 1991

Be very afraid, indie saddos, for the Queen God-Empress of the Known Universe, KYLIE MINOGUE, will now transform into a Perv Rock Temptress before your ...

Kylie Minogue: She Came, She S.A.W., She Conquered

Interview by Stuart Maconie, New Musical Express, 22 August 1992

In the great theme park that is the British Popular Experience, KYLIE MINOGUE represents a national treasure, which is not bad going for an Australian. ...

Kylie Minogue: My Top Tunes

Interview by Bill Brewster, Mixmag, September 1992

'Flowers' — Titiyo"I think she's Swedish [she is], but I really know nothing about this, so I don't know what to tell you. I was ...

Who The Hell Does Kylie Minogue Think She Is?

Interview by Adrian Deevoy, Q, October 1992

Where is she now, our little smiley gonk in primary colours? She became a saucy siren with eyes that said Come closer, a backside that ...

Kylie Minogue: A Wallaby Together

Interview by Keith Cameron, New Musical Express, 3 September 1994

It's been a difficult gestation, but the world looks set to witness the rebirth of KYLIE MINOGUE as she emerges from the cocoon with colourful ...

Kylie Minogue: Fever Kitsch

Profile and Interview by Caroline Sullivan, Guardian, The, 6 September 1994

From wholesome soap star to scantily clad sex kitten — Kylie Minogue has changed her image more times than she might care to remember. But ...

Kylie Minogue: Kylie Minogue (Deconstruction)

Review by Caitlin Moran, Melody Maker, 1 October 1994

WHY HAS THIS perspex bubble, this one-way mirror, this empty shop window, this unfilled gilt frame, this unformed lust, this shapeless beauty, this Kylie, become ...

Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue: The Devil and Miss Bones

Interview by Johnny Cigarettes, New Musical Express, 7 October 1995

Together at last — two great antipodean, pop phenomena who have, in their individual ways, made a unique contribution to the business called show. NICK ...

Kylie Minogue: Deep Dish

Interview by Susan Corrigan, i-D, September 1997

Burn the negatives, bury the tapes, banish the rumours. After ten years in the spotlight, Miss Minogue seeks a fresh start ...

Kylie Minogue: Kylie Minogue (deConstruction 12tks/50mins)

Review by Robin Bresnark, Melody Maker, 27 September 1997

Mission impossible: With yet another musical direction has Kylie finally found her niche? ...

Kylie Minogue: A Redesign for Life!

Interview by Simon Price, Melody Maker, 8 November 1997

She used to be in Neighbours, then came the pop career then Nick Cave then the bloody Manics! Now KYLIE is Indiekylie and she's cooler ...

Kylie Minogue: Kylie Minogue (deConstruction) *** £15.99

Review by Caroline Sullivan, Guardian, The, 20 March 1998

Caroline Sullivan on the latest from the former pop kitten who's moving ever closer to that elusive musical maturity ...

Kylie Minogue: The Think Tank

Interview by Caitlin Moran, Select, April 1998

She's never tempted by Chicken Tonight, is haunted by Michael Hutchence, her bum isn't too small and she thinks 10am is too early to talk ...

Kylie Minogue: Shepherds Bush Empire, London

Live Review by Stephen Dalton, Times, The, 31 July 1998

SHE MAY HAVE spent most of the Nineties pursuing different musical directions with mixed results, but Kylie Minogue can still sell out three nights at ...

Kylie Minogue: Little Miss Boomerang

Profile and Interview by Sheryl Garratt, Guardian, The, 8 August 1998

Kylie Minogue has probably had more brickbats than bouquets since she quit soap stardom to become a pop singer. But, with a new record in ...

Pete Waterman: Style Counsel

Interview by Stephen Dalton, New Musical Express, 16 January 1999

Last week, Pete Waterman the Brian Clough of pop, stoutly defended his new teenpop cadets Steps and his revitalised label PWL. Here Doctor Waterman offers ...

Camping with Kylie: Kylie Minogue: Manchester Apollo, Manchester

Live Review by Dave Simpson, Guardian, The, 9 March 2001

HAVING RECOVERED FROM the pretensions of duets with Nick Cave and songwriting with the Manic Street Preachers, Kylie has returned to the fluffy pop we ...

Kylie Minogue: The Showgirl Must Go On

Interview by Sheryl Garratt, Observer, The, 23 September 2001

Kylie Minogue won't discuss her personal life, but after 17 dizzy years as soap starlet, pop princess, gay icon and Barbie Doll, she's starting to ...

Dispatches From The Wrong Side: Kylie Party

Report by Simon Morrison, DJ Magazine, May 2002

Hap-py Birth-Day Dear Kyyyyylie. Fast Lessons In How To Gatecrash A Pop Diva's Party ...

Kylie Minogue: Attack of the 5ft Woman!

Interview by Dorian Lynskey, Q, June 2002

AAARG! In 1998, one time pop robot and po-mo pin-up Kylie Minogue was on a commercial cold slab. Now scarily re-animated, she's an irony-free megastar ...

The Brits: Early night for wild things at alco-less pops

Report by Caitlin Moran, Times, The, 21 February 2003

THE DEPARTMENT for Work and Pensions has been plugging this year's Brit Awards with the happy promise "anything can happen at the Brits", but then ...

British Pop Acts Raise The Anti

Report by Phil Sutcliffe, Los Angeles Times, 22 February 2003

Celebrity dissent grows during U.K.'s music awards, as Coldplay's singer and Ms Dynamite protest an Iraq war. ...

Kylie Minogue: The Butt Stops Here

Comment by Caroline Sullivan, Guardian, The, 19 November 2003

So she's 35, but does that really mean Kylie should cover up, asks Caroline Sullivan ...

Kylie Minogue: Body Language (Parlophone) ****

Review by Bob Stanley, MOJO, December 2003

Cosmetically enhanced pop icon believes there was more to the '80s than Level 42 and stonewashed denim. ...

Kylie Minogue: The Tao of Kylie

Interview by Adrian Deevoy, Blender, April 2004

AS AN omnipresent international celebrity, Kylie Minogue is no stranger to unfounded gossip, but this one persistent item, as Australians are wont to say, is ...

Battle of the pop babes: Britney Spears' Greatest Hits; Kylie Minogue's Ultimate Kylie

Review by Kathryn Flett, Observer, The, 17 October 2004

IT'S OBVIOUSLY entirely unfair to treat the popular artistes Kylie Minogue and Britney Spears as conjoined twins, forcing them to share the same review (would ...

Dancing Queen: Kylie Minogue: Wembley Arena, London ****

Live Review by Paul Elliott, Q, March 2007

The Showgirl returns. Praise be. ...

Kylie Minogue: Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff

Live Review by Ian Gittins, Guardian, The, 27 March 2011

KYLIE MINOGUE's Aphrodite – Les Folies tour, which arrived in Britain with two dates in Cardiff last weekend before taking up a five-night residency at ...

Kylie Minogue: The Abbey Road Sessions

Review by Jude Rogers, Quietus, The, 30 November 2011

IN 2006, while in recovery from cancer, Kylie Minogue talked to Another Magazine about her love of Grey Gardens.  ...

Kylie Minogue: The mysterious popstar who can do no wrong

Report and Interview by Kate Mossman, New Statesman, 29 November 2012

As an album of "reimagined" Kylie songs emerges, Kate Mossman goes in search of the singer herself. ...

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