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Larry Williams

Larry Williams


Larry Williams: Heir To Little Richard

Profile by Guy Stevens, Record Mirror, April 1964

IN OCTOBER 1958, Little Richard decided, in the words of the late Chuck Willis, to "Hang up his rock'n'roll shoes" and enter the Church. Many ...

Larry Williams and Johnny Guitar Watson: The Two Who Weren't 'Revived'

Profile by Roger St. Pierre, New Musical Express, November 1971

DESCRIBING Larry Williams as a "great unknown" might raise a few eyebrows for he had a hit with 'Bony Moronie', a rock 'n' roll classic, ...

Larry Williams: A Bad Boy Blown Away

Obituary by Bill Millar, Melody Maker, January 1980

SOME PEOPLE nurture memories of the first time they copped a feel or saw the New York skyline. For me, it's hearing Larry Williams' 'She ...

Little Richard/Larry Williams/Bobby Day albums

Review by Richard Cook, New Musical Express, March 1985

Little Richard, Here’s Little Richard (Ace)Little Richard: Little Richard Volume 2 (Ace)Little Richard: The Fabulous Little Richard (Ace)Larry Williams: Dizzy Miss Lizzy (Ace)Bobby Day: The ...

Larry Williams

Retrospective by Mick Farren, MOJO, July 2000

ON JANUARY 7, 1980, THE BODY OF LARRY WILLIAMS WAS FOUND lying in a pool of blood on the garage floor of his Laurel Canyon ...

Larry Williams: That Larry Williams (Real Gone Music)

Sleevenotes by Gene Sculatti, Real Gone Music, 2013

IT'S NOT JUST because he has such a common name. A quick Google search turns up a Larry Williams who's "an American author and commodity ...

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