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Leftfield: Release The Pressure!

Interview by Push, Melody Maker, 5 December 1992

CRITICAL ACCLAIM means bugger-all in clubland. Here, an act's reputation is better measured by the number of others sampling them. And, right now, it's impossible ...

Techno: The Sound Warp

Overview by Jon Savage, Guardian, The, 22 October 1993

Let me take you on a journey... After the drugs and the digital-industrial dreamscapes, just what is the secret of the mega-successful Techno white dance ...

John Lydon and Leftfield

Interview by Kris Needs, New Musical Express, 27 November 1993

IT'S ONE NIGHT in June '92, long past midnight at the Brixton Academy. The Orb have finished washing the cerebral nether regions of the full-on ...

On Your Marks, Get Set, Gauche: Leftfield: Leftism

Review by David Bennun, Melody Maker, 21 January 1995

Who the f*** are LEFTFIELD? Giant pandas of techno positivism, faceless bores who had a hit with Johnny Rotten, or VR sex pervs? Don't bother ...

Leftfield: Quiet Storm

Interview by Bethan Cole, i-D, May 1996

Leftfield are dance provocateurs who turned from the quick thrill of the clubland twelve-inch to take their place in the ranks of the unit-shifting, award-winning, ...

Leftfield: "We Waited. That's What We Did."

Interview by Keith Cameron, New Musical Express, 11 September 1999

...And eventu-bloody-ally, after four long years, Leftfield have got their she-iiit together on another mighty fine album. Or is it arse?! Have your say! ...


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