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Level 42

Level 42


Level 42; Squeeze: Crystal Palace, London

Live Review by Phil Sutcliffe, Q, October 1991

THE MICRO-economic indicators at Crystal Palace Bowl are contradictory: the touts are offering tickets at "less than box office price" but with the opening act ...


Level 42: Standing In The Light (Polydor)

Review by David Quantick, New Musical Express, September 1983

BRITFUNK... THERE'S a lot of it about. From the half-Bakered whine of 'AEIOU' to the anonymous disaster that is David Grant, these isles are responsible ...

Level 42: Living It Down

Profile and Interview by Chris Salewicz, Face, The, November 1983

IN THE HITCHHIKERS Guide To The Galaxy the number 42 is revealed as the clue to The I Meaning Of Life. This is the origin ...

Level 42: Level Best

Interview by Mark Sinker, New Musical Express, March 1987

"I pre-empted the Doctor Martens thing, you know." ...

Level 42: The Most Famous Thumb in Rock

Interview by Stuart Maconie, Q, April 1994

NOW WHO would live in a house like this? one thinks, as the taxi traverses the length of the drive and passes between the ornamental ...

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