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Link Wray

Link Wray

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Link Wray: Be What You Want To

Review by Wayne Robins, Rolling Stone, 24 May 1973

LINK WRAY, father of chicken-shack recording, is back with his second album since emerging from the dim glint of rock history. Be What You Want ...


Link Wray (1997)

Interview by Steve Roeser, Rock's Backpages Audio, 15 November 1997

The lost prophet of heavy metal remembers his early days, his legendary hit 'Rumble', being ripped-off by his own brother and keepin' on rockin'.

File format: mp3; file size: 50.2mb, interview length: 52' 19" sound quality: * (phoner)


Link Wray

Report and Interview by John Tobler, ZigZag, 1971

FOR ELDERLY rockers like me, it’s pretty incredible to be able to talk to those who were around at the start of their musical interests. ...

Link Wray: The Lyceum, London

Live Review by Philip Norman, The Times, 7 June 1975

LINK WRAY was – I should say, is – an American guitarist who, somewhere around 1960, recorded an instrumental tune called 'Rumble'. ...

Robert Gordon & Link Wray: Robert Gordon with Link Wray; Various Artists: Don't You Step On My Blue Suede Shoes

Review by John Tobler, ZigZag, October 1977

THERE'S MORE similarity between these two albums than the fact that they've both got 'Red Hot' on 'em. They're the opposite ends of the rockabilly ...

Robert Gordon and Link Wray: Robert Gordon with Link Wray

Review by Jon Young, Trouser Press, October 1977

ROBERT GORDON with Link Wray recaptures the one elusive quality so often missing from music of the '70s: feeling. This is trickier than it seems ...

Robert Gordon: Robert Gordon With Link Wray

Review by Chas de Whalley, Sounds, 22 October 1977

FOR SOME odd reason Private Stock don't want you to know that Robert Gordon used to be with those CBGB specials Tuff Darts. Richard Robinson ...

New York Lights Up With Soggy Matches!

Overview by Robert Duncan, Creem, November 1977

A Consumer Guide To Rock's Last Drag by Robert Drizzle Duncan ...

Robert Gordon with Link Wray: A Modern Elvis And The Missing Link

Report and Interview by Peter Silverton, Sounds, 4 February 1978

LINK WRAY finishes off his instrumental street opera, 'Rumble', with an amphetamine-psychosis, note-tumbling-after-note run worthy of any guitar army hero, clambers up from his bent-knee, ...

Link Wray: A Link With The Past

Interview by Bill Millar, Melody Maker, 23 June 1979

Tag; the jet-black hair, dark shades and gaunt Shawnee Indian cheekbones evoke an image of prowling malevolence which was crystallised by 'Rumble' but still some ...

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