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Liz Phair

Liz Phair

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Liz Phair

Profile and Interview by Martin Aston, Independent Catalogue, The, September 1993

IT'S FOUR IN the afternoon, and Liz Phair is itching to go jogging. But there's plenty of time; this is her first bout of UK ...

Liz Phair: HQ Club, London

Live Review by Andrew Smith, Guardian, The, 29 September 1993

A FEW years back, with acid house at its peak and video games beginning to bite into record sales, there emerged a theory that rock ...

Phair Enough: The Girl From Guyville

Profile and Interview by Gerrie Lim, BigO, February 1994

This is the story of Liz Phair, the "new" gal in town who shocked the music biz flack and functionaries when she gave GERRIE LIM ...

Liz Phair: Sexual Perversity in Chicago

Interview by Rob Tannenbaum, Details, July 1994

Where and when did you write the famous line "I want to be your blowjob queen"? ...

Liz Phair: Whip-Smart

Review by Deborah Frost, Musician, October 1994

IF EXILE IN GUYVILLE was Liz Phair's response to Exile on Main Street, Whip-Smart may well be her answer to Smell the Glove. As if ...

Phair's Phair

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Vogue, October 1994

FEW ROCK artists making their debuts have been greeted with such an avalanche of acclaim as thundered down on Liz Phair last year. Her double-album-length ...

Liz Phair: Fresh outta Guyville

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, MOJO, November 1994

NO-ONE WAS MORE SURPRISED THAN LIZ PHAIR when her precocious double-album debut became the alternative-rock succès d'estime of 1993. "I was just a neighbourhood kid ...

Liz Phair: Ex-indie rock queen is back on the scene

Interview by Evelyn McDonnell, Miami Herald, 22 June 2003

IT HAS BEEN 10 years since Liz Phair first shocked the prudish world of independent rock with the frank sexual confessions of her debut album, ...

Liz Phair

Interview by Rob Tannenbaum, Blender, July 2003

Alt-queen Liz Phair wants stardom. And your "hot, white cum", too. Goodness! ...

Liz Phair's slick new sound has shocked her fans

Report and Interview by Robert Sandall, Sunday Times, 26 October 2003

IMAGINE PJ HARVEY recording with Pete Waterman, or Bjork co-writing songs with one of Simon Fuller's stable of top pop tunesmiths. Weird, and not in ...

An Extraordinary Interview with Liz Phair

Interview by Dave DiMartino, Yahoo! Music, 25 April 2004

WHEN FIERCELY independent and outspoken singer-songwriter Liz Phair first emerged in 1993 with her watershed debut album, Exile In Guyville – a lo-fi, track-by-track response ...

Playing Against Type: Liz Phair and Sinead O'Connor

Report and Interview by Will Hermes, New York Times, The, 17 October 2005

WHEN JOHNNY CASH returned to the spotlight in 1994 with American Recordings, the first in a series of records that presented him as a folkie ...

Is All Phair In Rock 'N' Roll?

Interview by Bob Mehr, Harp, November 2005

THE PENINSULA HOTEL is an elegant, bordering on ostentatious, spot in the heart of Chicago's Magnificent Mile. As the concierge and desk staff scurry about ...

Who Does Liz Phair Think She Is?

Interview by Rob Tannenbaum, Blender, November 2005


Liz Phair: Exile In Guyville (15th Anniversary Edition)

Review by Laura Barton, Word, The, August 2009

All's Phair In Love And War: Raw, rude and "very 1993", Liz Phair led Girl Power's first offensive. ...


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