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Love Unlimited

Love Unlimited

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Love Unlimited

Profile and Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, June 1972

IT'S NOT very often that a basically Soul single is talked about as being an instant British hit but that's the way Love Unlimited's first ...

Love Unlimited Bring Deep Soul to Britain

Interview by Roger St. Pierre, New Musical Express, 15 July 1972

SOUL ENTHUSIASTS used to call it "deep-soul", the kind of sound which usually didn't even get released over here, and when it did, sold in ...

Barry White, Love Unlimited: Rainbow Theatre, London

Live Review by David Nathan, Blues & Soul, March 1974

Triumph at the Rainbow ...

Love Unlimited: In Heat (20th Century)***

Review by Tony Cummings, Black Music, December 1974

YOU'D BE hard put to find a music journalist who'd ADMIT to liking this album. Those insecure defenders of "integrity" obviously view the plastic Love ...

Barry White, Love Unlimited: Shubert Theatre, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Harvey Kubernik, Melody Maker, 12 April 1975

Too much love! ...

The Barry White Story

Profile by Tony Cummings, Black Music, July 1975

Everything you ever wanted to know about the giant of sexy soul ...

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