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Luke Haines

Luke Haines


The Auteurs: Live in Paris

Live Review by Chris Roberts, Uncut, February 2000

AS LUKE Haines builds up an ever-expanding oeuvre, replete with cross-references and self-mythologising manifestos, one wonders what the French might make of this superficially haughty ...

Luke Haines: The Oliver Twist Manifesto

Review by Paul Morley, Uncut, September 2001

Solo debut from sometime Auteur, Black Box Recorder and Baader Meinhof pop terrorist. ...

Luke Haines: Goodbye To All That

Interview by Roy Wilkinson, Word, The, June 2003

Luke Haines is music's Graham Greene, a scowling misanthrope with a highly-placed following and a withering perspective on his homeland. How has the who who's ...

Luke Haines: 'I've Been Lucky All The Way Through'

Interview by Jude Rogers, Observer, The, November 2012

Former 'saviour of UK rock' Luke Haines has never followed the unwritten rules of pop, as a surreal concept album proves ...

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