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McGuinness Flint

McGuinness Flint


McGunness Flint: My Goodness, McGuinness!

Interview by Keith Altham, Record Mirror, January 1971

TOM McGUINNESS has been upon us now for many, many years, peering through little circular windows in a kindly and benign manner at the journalese ...

McGuinness Flint: Happy Birthday, Ruthy Baby

Review by Metal Mike Saunders, Rolling Stone, October 1971

ON THEIR SECOND album, McGuinness Flint have sunk into a mire of vapid eclecticism rather than develop a unified style. Meaning this: rather than be ...

McGuinness Flint: Lo & Behold

Review by Jon Tiven, Rolling Stone, July 1973

JIMI HENDRIX, Jeff Beck, the Byrds, Blue seems that everyone in the world has taken a Bob Dylan song to great heights at one ...

McGuinness Flint: McGuinness Is Still Good For You

Profile and Interview by Tony Stewart, New Musical Express, October 1973

McGUINNESS FLINT should now be regarded as an emerging new band – and an exceptionally good one at that. But instead they're being cautiously measured ...

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