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Hip Hop: The Empire State Strikes Back

Report by Angus Batey, Vox, August 1995

Snoop and Dr Dre's tales of the 'hoods of South Central may have redirected the media's fickle attention to the West Coast, but New York ...

Nas: Ticket To Scribe

Interview by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, June 1996

Having adopted the moniker of one Pablo Escobar, NAS ESCOBAR set about creating vivid lyrical depictions of life in his native New York tenement slums. ...

Nas: Smoker's Wild

Interview by Andy Crysell, New Musical Express, January 1997

With gangsta rap getting just a tad too "real" of late, NAS ESCOBAR comes as something of a relief. His last album, It Was Written ...

The Firm: Funky Mafia!

Interview by Andy Crysell, New Musical Express, October 1997

It's an offer you can't refuse. The chance to meet Mafia-inspired hip-hop outfit THE FIRM – namely mobsters Nas, Foxy Brown and AZ — and ...

Nas: I Am… (Columbia)

Review by Dan Gennoe, Q, 1999

1999: the year rap's most potent force joined the rank and file ...

A Dollar A Holler: Nas: I Am

Review by Miles Marshall Lewis, LA Weekly, April 1999

Two sides of Nas' coin ...

Hip-Hop Violence: Pop Goes The Weasel

Report by Caroline Sullivan, Guardian, The, March 2005

FOR THE RECORD: guns don't go bang but pop, a noise a lot like a jumbo bottle of champagne being opened. As this was a ...

Why The Grammys Have Ditched Rap

Comment by Edward Helmore, Guardian, The, December 2006

RAP MUSIC, and the commotion, fur and bling that often accompanies its biggest stars, will be noticeably absent from the Grammy awards in Los Angeles ...

Nas: Untitled (Def Jam)

Review by Andy Gill, Independent, The, July 2008

FOR MY money, Nas remains New York's most potent rapper, operating with an insight and intelligence few exponents can equal. ...

Nas's Illmatic Turns 20

Retrospective by Michael A. Gonzales, soulhead, April 2014

WHEN 20-YEAR-OLD MC Nas released his stellar debut Illmatic two decades ago this month, I must've been on the only person on Planet Hip-Hop who ...

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