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Paul Butterfield's Better Days

Paul Butterfield's Better Days

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Paul Butterfield's Better Days, the Elvin Bishop Group, Mike Bloomfield: Winterland, San Francisco CA

Live Review by Philip Elwood, The San Francisco Examiner, 24 February 1973

3 Bs' Rock Blues Jam Exciting ...

Paul Butterfield's Better Days: Better Days (Bearsville); Original Soundtrack: Steelyard Blues (Warner Brothers)

Review by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 3 March 1973

IT'S BEEN nearly 18 months since we heard anything new from Paul Butterfield. In 1971 he released Sometimes I Just Feel Like Smilin' which was, ...

Paul Butterfield's Better Days, Doug Sahm: Philharmonic Hall, New York NY

Live Review by Nick Kent, New Musical Express, 5 May 1973

HERE'S A TEASER for you to masticate the ole' brain molecules on: pretend you're a big record corporation and you've got these two acts, one ...

Paul Butterfield's Better Days: Better Days (Bearsville/Polydor)/Bobby Charles: Bobby Charles (Bearsville/Polydor)

Review by Bob Fisher, International Times, 17 May 1973

A COUPLE OF years ago an excellent little gangster movie from the States was doing the circuit, called The Grissom Gang. Now rock has come ...

Paul Butterfield's Better Days: It All Comes Back (Bearsville K44517)

Review by Jerry Gilbert, Sounds, 16 March 1974

AS A FAN of most of the music that's been going on in Woodstock, the formation of Better Days looked like the perfect solution. ...

Paul Butterfield 1942-1987

Obituary by uncredited writer, Rolling Stone, 18 June 1987

ON MAY 4TH, bluesman Paul Butterfield was found dead in his North Hollywood, California, apartment. He was forty-four. Though he had been in a Pittsburgh ...

Paul Butterfield's Better Days: Bearsville Anthology

Sleeve notes by Colin Escott, Rhino Bearsville, 2000

PAUL BUTTERFIELD was a legend long before he ever set foot in Woodstock. Perhaps the first authentic white voice in the blues, his legendary '60s ...

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