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Pearl Jam: 'You, My Son, Are Weird!'

Profile and Interview by Mat Snow, Q, November 1993

They’ve a singer, Eddie Vedder, who makes Lou Reed look like a happy-go-lucky bloke; they’re vilified in the press and manically suspicious of The Biz. ...


Pearl Jam: Sticky Fingers

Interview by Cathi Unsworth, Melody Maker, 25 January 1992

Inspired by the boundless, new American rock of Nirvana and Soundgarden, PEARL JAM explain to CATHI UNSWORTH why their primitive approach is the way to ...

Pearl Jam: Mike McCready Gets His Feet Wet

Interview by Mike Mettler, Guitar Player, February 1992

"IT RAINS all the time, so you're always inside." Mike McCready laughs; the lead guitarist for Pearl Jam is trying to explain why Seattle is ...

Pearl Jam: Fjord Fiestas

Interview by Andrew Mueller, Melody Maker, 20 February 1992

Like Nirvana and Jane's Addiction before them, PEARL JAM look set to become this year's big US rock event. With Top 20 single 'Alive', they've ...

Pearl Jam: New Oyster Cult

Interview by Steven Wells, New Musical Express, 14 March 1992

PROBLEM: A man knocks on the door of a Manchester hotel room and hands me a note which says: "Band been held up at knife-point. ...

Lollapalooza 2: One Nation Under a Groove

Report by Andrew Mueller, Melody Maker, 15 August 1992

It's Glastonbury on wheels, a mobile Reading, the lovechild and legacy of ex-Jane's Addiction frontman and all-round chap, Perry Farrell. It's LOLLAPALOOZA, in its second ...

Pearl Jam: Warfield Theatre, San Francisco

Live Review by Michael Goldberg, Rolling Stone, 9 December 1993

THERE WAS NOTHING pedestrian about the first show of the Pearl Jam tour. ...

Pearl Jam Versus Nirvana: The Final Countdown

Essay by Simon Reynolds, Melody Maker, 25 December 1993

IF NUMBERS COUNT for anything, Pearl Jam wiped the floor with Nirvana. In its first week of release, Vs sold five times as many copies ...

Mo' Vedder Blues: Pearl Jam: Vitalogy (Epic)

Review by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, 26 November 1994

NOSTALGIA MIGHT BE the last refuge of the scoundrel, but is it too late to turn back the clock? Can we return to a time ...

Pearl Jam: Reluctant Hero

Comment by Andrew Mueller, Vox, January 1995

After years of putting Eddie Vedder down, Kurt Cobain's final retribution was to pass him Grunge's crown of thorns. But will he be able to ...

Pearl Jam's Ticket Wars

Report by Mark Rowland, Musician, January 1995

IN 1994 PEARL Jam showed they weren't just the biggest band in America, they were the most revolutionary. Now that's a combination we haven't seen ...

Pearl Jam: Radio Free Vedder

Report by Gillian G. Gaar, Rolling Stone, 23 February 1995

"HEY... AM I on?" were the uncertain first words delivered by Pearl Jam singer-cum-DJ Eddie Vedder at the start of the band's latest frolic on ...

Neil Young: Oh But I Was So Much Older Then...

Interview by Mark Cooper, Q, September 1995

...he's younger than that now. Neil Young's new album, Mirror Ball, is a scintillating trans-guitar-generational collaboration with hip young gunslingers Pearl Jam, and has given ...

Neil Young: The Reading Festival

Live Review by Barney Hoskyns, MOJO, October 1995

IT'S THE END OF SUMMER, and the temperature is plummeting. A vicious wind whips up the dustbowl that the Reading Festival site has become over ...

Stone Soup: Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard

Interview by Jaan Uhelszki, Addicted To Noise, 2 March 1996

PEARL JAM'S Stone Gossard is not quite the man I expected, when you consider that he's a member of one of the most popular and ...

Pearl Jam: Downing Stadium, Randalls Island, New York

Live Review by Edward Helmore, MOJO, November 1996

With last year’s histrionic battles with Ticket-master, Eddie Vedder’s exhaustion and the loss of a drummer now all behind them, Pearl Jam embarked on a ...

Pearl Jam: Yield (Epic)

Review by RJ Smith, Spin, March 1998

ANGELS are God's designated hitters. They're represented in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, among many other religions; they pretty much show up any place people put ...

Pearl Jam: Art and Economy

Interview by Dave Marsh, Musician, April 1998

ROCK BANDS ARE like families on the Tolstoyan model. The happy ones are exactly the same (perhaps because they're nonexistent?) while the unhappy ones are ...

Pearl Jam: Binaural

Review by Nick Hasted, Uncut, July 2000

Patchily thrilling sixth effort from grunge vets ...

Pearl Jam: Live in Europe 1-25

Review by Ben Edmonds, Rolling Stone, 26 October 2000

PEARL JAM's late-spring 2000 tour is remembered for the mosh-pit tragedy that claimed the lives of nine fans in Denmark. But up until then, the ...

Pearl Jam's 'Jeremy'

Retrospective and Interview by Johnny Black, Blender, July 2002

Performers:   Eddie Vedder: vocals Jeff Ament: bass Mike McCready: guitar Stone Gossard: guitar Dave Krusen: drums Rick Parashar: keyboards Producer: Rick Parashar Released: September 1992 Highest chart position: 79 ...

Pearl Jam: State Of The Union

Interview by Nick Hasted, Uncut, December 2002

Grunge survivors PEARL JAM are back with a brave new album that dares to question the political hypocrises of America's post-9/11 moral posturing ...

Pearl Jam: Binaural

Review by Miles Marshall Lewis, LA Weekly, August 2003

EDDIE VEDDER CARES. If the casual music enthusiast remembers nothing else about Pearl Jam beyond their Beatles/Rolling Stones polarization with Nirvana in the early '90s, ...

Eddie Vedder

Interview by Will Hermes, Spin, October 2005

Reflecting on Seattle's dangerous heyday and Pearl Jam's legacy, the grunge icon comes clean ...

Pearl Jam: Shepherds Bush Empire

Live Review by Stephen Dalton, Times, The, August 2009

ONE OF THE LAST surviving bands from the Seattle grunge goldrush that revitalised American rock two decades ago, Pearl Jam played a rare London club ...

Pearl Jam: Manchester Arena

Live Review by Stephen Dalton, Times, The, 21 June 2012

PLAYING THE FIRST of two Manchester shows ahead of their Isle of Wight festival appearance this weekend, Pearl Jam once again pulled off the impressive ...

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