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Green Day and Rancid: Maximum Rock'n'Roll!

Report by Susan Corrigan, i-D, January 1996

With their technicolour mohicans and tattoos, Green Day and Rancid are bringing teen spirit to a generation of Americans who weren't even born when the ...

Rancid: What's In A Mohawk?

Report and Interview by RJ Smith, The New York Times, 28 January 1996

EVEN FOR A break-all-the-rules punk rock band, some rules still apply. It's 10 minutes to stage, and the members of Rancid are sitting in their ...

Rancid: Blast of the Mohicans

Profile and Interview by Steven Wells, New Musical Express, 8 June 1996

Punk's not dead, kids! Not real stinking-mohawk-gobbing punk rock anyway, because that's alive and spitting with RANCID, America's coolest (and richest) revolutionaries. So stuff yer ...

Rancid: Plotting a Punky Reggae Party

Interview by Chuck Eddy, Spin, May 1998

TIM ARMSTRONG once sang about punk-rock squats and dirt-cheap crash pads. Now the Rancid singer/guitarist is giving the grand tour of his Los Angeles dream ...

California Über Alles: US '90s Punk part 2

Retrospective and Interview by Ian Fortnam, Kerrang!, 6 February 1999

After the huge success of GREEN DAY, THE OFFSPRING and RANCID came the inevitable wave of copy-cat bands and the backlash. Here, US punk's movers ...


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