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Robert Quine and Fred Maher: Basic (Editions EG)

Review by Cynthia Rose, New Musical Express, 25 August 1984

NOT LONG ago, someone asked me if the 'EG' in EG Records stood for Egghead and I foolishly told them no. Now Egghead Records have ...

Robert Quine: Red Red Quine

Interview by Richard Kick, ZigZag, April 1985

WILD MEN of rock come and wild men of rock fizzle out. Or, rebels don't – their voices just fade away. Robert Quine, mild mannered ...

Robert Quine On Guitar: Basic and beyond

Interview by Gene Santoro, Downbeat, January 1986

PICK UP a record with James Burton's guitar on it — any record from Ricky Nelson to Emmylou Harris — and drop it onto your ...

Robert Quine: Newark's Reverent Iconoclast

Interview by Gene Santoro, Guitar Player, January 1986

"YOU'VE GOT to hear this," insists Robert Quine, as he finds what he's looking for on a wall full of shelves sprouting thousands of records. ...

Robert Quine

Interview by Jason Gross, Perfect Sound Forever, November 1997

WHO IS ROBERT Quine? According to him, he 'remains one of the most compelling, appalling and universally hated figures in music history.' ...

Remembering Ray Charles and Robert Quine

Obituary by Gene Santoro, The Nation, 24 June 2004

After Ronald Reagan's death, Ray Charles's version of 'Amazing Grace', one of Reagan's favourite songs, kept popping up on radio and TV. Why not? ...


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