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Screamers, The

Screamers, The


America's Local Talent 1977: The Sounds of Los Angeles

Overview by Kim Fowley, Phonograph Record, May 1977

ONE DOESN'T need to write any introduction on the general rock history and geographical relevance of Hollywood. Hollywood is Los Angeles, Los Angeles is California ...

The Screamers

Profile and Interview by Jon Savage, Melody Maker, January 1979

IT’S a truism to say that you have to decide which is real – you or Los Angeles – but like most truisms, it has ...

L.A. Punk: Pogo-ing On The Fault Line

Overview by Mark Williams, Melody Maker, September 1979

If Los Angeles is the future, how come its bands all sound so backdated? MARK WILLIAMS puts the case for the defence ...

L.A. Punk: California Screamin'

Retrospective by Don Waller, MOJO, July 2004

Ignored by the major labels, hounded by cops, fuelled by booze and drugs, L.A. punk was born in a concrete basement in Hollywood known as ...

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