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The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

Sensational Alex Harvey Band, The

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Alex Harvey (1975)

Interview by Ira Robbins, Dave Schulps, Rock's Backpages Audio, Fall 1975

After dealing with his current stage persona Vambo – and virtually demanding the invention of punk rock – the Scottish veteran takes us back to the roots of British rock'n'roll: the showbands; Tony Sheridan; the Hamburg clubs; the rip-offs, right up to the formation of his Sensational Alex Harvey Band...

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Alex Harvey: 'Ladies And Gentlemen, This Is What A Rock'n'roll Band Is All About'

Interview by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 19 January 1974

NEVER UNDERESTIMATE the importance of ritual.Most rock bands have a certain schtick that's always part of the show, something the audience knows that it's gonna ...

Alex Harvey

Interview by Chris Salewicz, New Musical Express, 17 August 1974

Pain-wracked Glasgow octogenarian fights tooth decay, endorses anarchy ...

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band: The Impossible Dream

Review by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 12 October 1974

ALEX HARVEY has just released the first rock and roll comic book. ...

Alex Harvey: Rock And Roll Warrior

Interview by Pete Makowski, Sounds, 26 October 1974

Pete Makowski talks to a man who fought at Waterloo. Here, back in his reincarnated form, he talks about making peace with the people. ...

Alex Harvey: The Dream Comes True

Interview by Ray Fox-Cumming, Disc, 26 October 1974

THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM is coming true. At last, after 20 years in and around the business, Alex Harvey has got himself a hit. Don't worry ...

Upstarts: The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

Profile by Jon Tiven, Circus Raves, December 1974

Alex Harvey is practically old enough to be your father: 38 years of rock’n’roll soul, to be exact. Of course he isn’t necessarily the oldest ...

Alex Harvey: It Pays To Hang Tough

Interview by Richard Cromelin, Phonograph Record, January 1975

"MAYBE I'M GETTING old," says Alex Harvey, sounding a bit puzzled. "It may be that simple." It's a bit of a laugh, after listening to ...

Alex Harvey: There Ain't Nothin' Like a Gang-Bang

Interview by Lenny Kaye, Creem, March 1975

"...rock and roll takes a certain amount of ignorance." ...

Alex Harvey - Thou shalt have no other punk before me…

Interview by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 3 May 1975

AND NOW, ALEX Harvey, your starter for ten. What is rock and roll? ...

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band: Usher Hall, Edinburgh

Live Review by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 17 May 1975

Slicker and rougher ...

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band: Tomorrow Belongs To Me (Vertigo)

Review by Mick Houghton, Let It Rock, June 1975

IT'S IMPOSSIBLE to listen to Alex Harvey without feeling distinctly unsettled. On stage he's an obsessive – a malevolent dictator figure – in full control ...

Alex Harvey: Delivered From The Jaws Of Death

Report by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 20 September 1975

...We proudly present the intrepid ALEX HARVEY, fresh from being restrained from swimming in the shark tank and currently engaged in entertaining the young people ...

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band at Newcastle

Report by Mick Brown, Sounds, 15 May 1976

I WAS going to say fascism, but as the man said, how could anyone take Hitler seriously without his moustache? What a moustache! Clipped, sharp, ...

The Who: Who-ray!

Report by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, 5 June 1976

"Will the people on the lighting tower please get-off because it's very dangerous and we are afraid that tower might go" – Nicky Horne, Capital ...

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band: SAHB Stories

Review by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 17 July 1976

ROUND ABOUT THE third revamp of Captain Marvel (that's Marvel's Captain Marvel, not the other one), they changed his billing from The Sensational Captain Marvel ...

Alex Harvey: Harvey's History Lesson

Interview by Harry Doherty, Melody Maker, 7 August 1976

ALEX, WHAT would your reaction be, apart from grabing me by the throat, if I said the music and image of the Sensational Alex Harvey ...

The Monsters in Alex Harvey

Profile and Interview by Mick Brown, Rolling Stone, 24 February 1977

BRUSSELS — Alex Harvey has a special way of saying hello. His body, which normally moves with the easy, rolling gait of the dancer and ...

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band: Big Hits And Close Shaves

Review by Peter Silverton, Sounds, 28 May 1977

COMPILATIONS ARE generally the occasion for an in-depth reassessment of an artist's career. ...

Alex Harvey: The Meat Of The Matter

Interview by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 25 June 1977

A discussion of the respective virtues of sheep's brains, raw mince, or monkey's brains sucked through a straw. Plus a bit about ALEX HARVEY. ...

Alex Harvey: The Thoughts (?) Of Chairman Harvey

Interview by Peter Silverton, Sounds, 9 July 1977

"WOULD YOU like to be a rock'n'roll star?" ...

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band: Palladium, London

Live Review by Miles, New Musical Express, 11 March 1978

How the old wave is coming to terms with post-"77 existence. Meeting the challenge of '78: Alex Harvey hired an orchestra, a pipe and drum band, ...


Interview by Peter Silverton, Sounds, 11 March 1978

THIS IS a singer? You call...this a singer. A monstrous looking creature in an Imperial Startrooper helmet, white paper one-piece jump suit and red, blue ...

Alex Harvey: Absence Makes The Art Grow Older

Live Review by Harry Doherty, Melody Maker, 18 November 1978

Alex Harvey: The Venue, London ...

The Faith Healer

Obituary by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 13 February 1982

"Good evening, boys and girls. My name is Harvey..." ...

Time Machine: Alex Harvey Dies, 4 February 1982

Retrospective and Interview by Fred Dellar, MOJO, February 2007

TOMORROW I'LL be home, he thought. The tour had taken a lot out of him, but that was to be expected. After all, tomorrow he'd ...

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