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Shaggs, The

Shaggs, The

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Slits: Y3LP (Y/Rough Trade import); The Shaggs: Philosophy of the World (Red Rooster/Rounder)

Review by Byron Coley, New York Rocker, September 1980

WHAT WE HAVE here are two sets of women arriving at (arguably) the same place by (unarguably) dissimilar routes. The place in question is Primitivesville ...

Shagg-Rock Comes Of Age

Comment by Robot A. Hull, Creem, December 1980

FREMONT, N.H. — In the antediluvian Era of High School, they would've been called "skaggs": three ugly dames who looked like they crawled out of ...

The Shaggs: Better Than the Beatles (and DNA, Too)

Retrospective by Lester Bangs, Village Voice, The, 28 January 1981

I HAVE BEEN getting whiny letters from a lot of you lately complaining about the general state of the art. "What is all this shit?" ...

The Shaggs' Own Thing

Retrospective by Gary Pig Gold, In Music We Trust, November 1999

ON THE AFTERNOON of March 9, 1969, three guitar-and-drum-beating sisters from tiny Fremont, New Hampshire entered a tiny recording studio and emerged, just a few ...


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