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Silver Apples

Silver Apples

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The Concise NME Guide To Electronic Music & Synthesised Sound

Guide by Andy Gill, New Musical Express, 5 January 1980

"Progress in the physical and mechanical sciences determines a progress in art." — Carlos Chavez, 1957 ...

Silver Apples

Interview by Phil McMullen, Ptolemaic Terrascope, 1996

"You are about to have probably the most unusual musical experience of your life. The music will enter areas of your mind never before opened ...

Silver Apples

Profile by Richard Gehr, Village Voice, The, 23 January 1997

AN AKIMBO version of hippie-band staple 'In the Midnight Hour' was the only thing about the Silver Apples' recent appearance suggesting they were anything other ...

Silver Apples: Oscillate Wildly

Retrospective and Interview by Edwin Pouncey, Wire, The, September 1997

After 30 years of universal neglect, New York's Silver Apples are finally getting recognition for their pioneering electronic rock. ...


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