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Def Jam Records: Men Or Beasties?

Report and Interview by Don Watson, New Musical Express, 11 January 1986

IN CRUMPLED, jeans, trainers and an AC/DC T-shirt Rick Rubin represents the current hippest record company in New York, Def Jam Records. ...

Def Jam: License to Thrill

Report and Interview by Frank Owen, Melody Maker, 20 December 1986

RICK RUBIN and RUSSELL SIMMONS are the creative mavericks behind the outrageous antics of THE BEASTIE BOYS and RUN DMC and a whole host of ...

Def Jam #2: World Domination Enterprises

Report and Interview by Frank Owen, Melody Maker, 3 January 1987

In the second part of his investigation into DEF JAM records, the world's hottest label, Frank Owen charts the careers of RICK RUBIN, RUSSELL SIMMONS, ...

Thrash Metal: Psycho Path to the Top

Report by Mark Cooper, Guardian, The, 20 March 1987

Thrash metal is the new noise of teenage horror, a vinyl equivalent of the video nasty. Mark Cooper reports on the bands that delight in ...

To Hell And Back: Slayer

Report and Interview by Simon Witter, New Musical Express, 21 March 1987

Not all the old Heavy Metal cancers have been cured. SLAYER - erstwhile thashers, now adopted by the speed-metalists - have been forced to deal ...

The Sound of Speed, Thrash & Death Metal

Overview by Simon Witter, i-D, April 1987

In 1987, against all odds, HM has become an issue again. i-D dives into the Metal underground to find out about moshing, skateboards, and the ...

Slayer: Blood Money

Interview by Paul Elliott, Sounds, 18 April 1987

Nazi apologists or naive dickheads? Either way, SLAYER are the foulest, most provocative and probably the best speed metal band yet. But have they gone ...

Slayer: Cash from Genocide

Interview by Steven Wells, New Musical Express, 2 May 1987

OK, SLAYER. So you're the world's top death-metal thrash outfit, and you're playing to thousands all over Britain. But now you must justify your appalling ...

Slayer: Hammersmith Odeon, London

Live Review by Roy Wilkinson, Sounds, 2 May 1987


Def Jam: Baaad Company

Interview by Rob Tannenbaum, New Musical Express, 9 May 1987

With their label gone mega, and even greater triumphs planned, Def Jam mainmen RICK RUBIN and RUSSELL SIMMONS currently combine the Midas touch with the ...

Def Jam: Don't Knock The Rock – Rap It

Report by Mark Cooper, Guardian, The, 1 June 1987

Mark Cooper on how Def Jam crossed over punk with rap, white with black, and stayed cool with both sides ...

Def Jam: Def On The Rocks?

Interview by Jack Barron, New Musical Express, 11 March 1989

Formerly the most formidable crossover label in existence, DEF JAM has been out of the limelight since a split in the ranks saw Rick Rubin ...

Rick Rubin: Mental Metal Master

Interview by Paul Elliott, Sounds, 11 March 1989

From rap to metal, LL Cool J to Slayer, producer Rick Rubin has shaped the definitive street beats of the decade. Paul Elliott hears the ...

Slayer: I Talked With A Zombie

Interview by Ian Gittins, Melody Maker, 29 September 1990

As Britain trembles with anticipation of the "Clash Of The Titans" tour, Ian Gittins meets the metal monsters and hears tales of death, despair and ...

Seasonal Greetings: Slayer: Seasons In The Abyss (Def American) *****

Review by Neil Perry, Select, November 1990

ALL THE BIG BOYS have come out to prove themselves this year. Following recent triumphant reaffirmations of metallic prowess from Anthrax and Megadeath, a sledgehammer ...

Slayer, Testament: Orpheum Theater, Boston

Live Review by Jim Sullivan, Boston Globe, The, 11 February 1991

Slayer's deafening metal exhilarates, numbs ...

Slayer: Always Crashing In The Same Carnage

Interview by Neil Perry, Melody Maker, 9 November 1991

Are SLAYER Satanic High Priests who revel in gore or misunderstood philanthropists to a nihilistic generation? NEIL PERRY joins them in the London Dungeon and ...

Rick Rubin: The Buddha of Suburbia

Interview by RJ Smith, Details, July 1993

Rick Rubin built a recording empire from a dorm room at NYU. With Def American Recordings, he's taken the sound of the streets to the ...

Russell Simmons: Def Shepherd

Interview by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, 9 December 1995

Yeah Boyee! DEF JAM, the record label that put the ROCK in hip-hop and brought you the likes of Public Enemy and Beastie Boys, is ...

Slayer: Undisputed Attitude (American 15tks/35 mins)

Review by Ian Watson, Melody Maker, 25 May 1996

HERE'S A CONCEPT to make your blood curdle. Slayer, the undisputed kings of thrash metal stupidity, cover a cranium-crushing selection of top hardcore punk tunes. ...

Slayer: The Brothers Grim

Interview by Steffan Chirazi, Kerrang!, 16 May 1998

The world of SLAYER is a bleak, gore-drenched place populated by deviants, lunatics, mass murderers and war criminals. You'd expect nothing less from men who've ...

Metal mickey — Slayer, Sepultura: Astoria, London

Live Review by Caroline Sullivan, Guardian, The, 28 November 1998

Sepultura and Slayer? Caroline Sullivan can't take it seriously ...

Slayer: All Aboard The Slay Ride

Profile and Interview by Joel McIver, Record Collector, 1999

Slayer vocalist Tom Araya discusses his band's blood-soaked life and times ...


Interview by Christine Natanael,, 14 May 2006

WELL, HERE IT is, 2006, and it's time for the new Slayer "Unholy Alliance Tour: Preaching To The Perverted" with Lamb of God, Children of ...


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