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Riot Grrrl Returns, With a Slightly Softer Roar

Comment by Evelyn McDonnell, New York Times, The, 2 June 1996

AT THE HEART of feminism lies the belief in self-determination: women should define their own identities. One recent expression of that tenet can be found ...

Sleater-Kinney: An All-Grrrl Band at Heart

Interview by Richard Cromelin, Los Angeles Times, 16 March 1997

In true, independent Riot Grrrl fashion, the Sleater-Kinney trio is getting heard far and wide (No. 3 in Village Voice) without abandoning its community. ...

Sleater-Kinney: There's a Riot Goin' On

Interview by Evelyn McDonnell, Rolling Stone, 12 June 1997

SLEATER-KINNEY want to bring feminist punk rock to the mainstream ...

Sleater-Kinney: The Hot Rock

Review by Steven Wells, New Musical Express, 20 February 1999

The Ember Strikes Back ...

Sleater-Kinney: The Garage, London

Live Review by Everett True, Melody Maker, 8 May 1999

"BUT SHE sounds just like Cher," my companion beseeches me, as Sleater-Kinney run through the fine, staccato 'The End Of You' — Corin Tucker's voice ...

Sleater-Kinney: All Hands On The Bad One (Kill Rock Stars)

Review by Eric Weisbard, Spin, June 2000

IT'S TIME TO DO BATTLE for the planet of the apes. On last year's The Hot Rock, Sleater-Kinney suddenly became sheepish about pounding folks over ...

Three Times A Ladyman!: Sleater-Kinney: 13th Note, Glasgow

Live Review by Stevie Chick, New Musical Express, 5 August 2000

MAKE NO MISTAKE. Sleater-Kinney are incandescent. In the three years since their breakthrough third album, Dig Me Out, saw this corrosive power-trio progress from local ...

Sleater-Kinney Search For “Hope, Goodness And Faith”

Comment by Michael Goldberg, Neumu, 2002

The punk trio answer their own questions on their new album, One Beat ...

What Makes Great Rock 'N' Roll Great?

Comment by Michael Goldberg, Neumu, 9 March 2002

A question about Sleater-Kinney opens a Pandora's Box of confusion ...

Sleater-Kinney: One Beat

Review by John Aizlewood, Guardian, The, 16 August 2002

THE RATHER inglorious tradition of shouty punk women began with the Slits, but trio Sleater-Kinney take their cue from long-forgotten compatriots Ut, whose celebration of ...

The Gamblers: Sleater-Kinney Makes A Stab At Greatness With Its Ambitious New Album

Report and Interview by Geoffrey Himes, Baltimore City Paper, 22 June 2005

RARE IS THE punk-rock band that makes its best music 11 years after starting. Few punk bands even make it to the 11-year mark and ...

Sleater-Kinney: The Power Of Three

Interview by Everett True, Plan B, Summer 2005

Seven albums in, trailblazing Olympia trio Sleater-Kinney still feel like punk rock ruffians. ...

Sleater-Kinney: Punk Lyrics: Shortening The Line

Comment by Geoffrey Himes, Paste, 4 March 2015

A LOT OF GOOD THINGS are happening on Sleater-Kinney's first album in ten years, but I want to talk about one aspect that often gets ...

A Riot Grrrl Remembers: Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl: A Memoir by Carrie Brownstein

Book Review by Kate Mossman, Guardian, The, 29 December 2015

A complex and moving portrait of a coming of age in America ...


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