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The Shamen, Spacemen 3: Dingwalls, London

Live Review by Robin Gibson, Sounds, 11 July 1987

"ECSTASY IS good for you" asserts the slogan on The Shamen's bass guitar. But in the murk of Dingwalls, ecstasy is harder to catch than ...

Spacemen 3: Sonic's Boom Boys

Interview by Robin Gibson, Sounds, 18 July 1987

With the release of a new single(!), 'Transparent Radiation', which leaves the listener scant change from a 45-minute cassette, SPACEMEN 3 are prime purveyors of what ...

Spacemen 3, Inspiral Carpets: Asylum, Manchester

Live Review by John Robb, Sounds, 12 September 1987

WOWEEE, TRIPPY baby — the far-out scene jumped into the time machine, shed all its colour and mind-exploding drugs, and leapt into the 1980s. ...

Spacemen 3/Inspiral Carpets: Asylum, Manchester

Live Review by John Robb, Sounds, 12 September 1987

WOWEEE, TRIPPY BABY — the far-out scene jumped into the time machine, shed all its colour and mind-exploding drugs, and leapt into the 1980s. ...

Spacemen 3, the Wishing Stones, the Pop Icons, the Low Gods: Dingwalls, London

Live Review by Cathi Unsworth, Sounds, 9 April 1988

ENTERING DINGWALLS tonight is a similar experience to falling through Lewis Carroll's rabbit hole and coming out in 1963. As the evening progresses, so does ...

Spacemen 3, the Bubblemen: Riverside Studios, London

Live Review by Push, Melody Maker, 3 September 1988


Spacemen 3, The Dave Howard Singers: University of London Union

Live Review by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, 19 November 1988

THE PROBLEM with most purveyors of ersatz electronic soul is they invariably forget the random element while building citadels of software perfect pop. Dave Howard ...

Spacemen 3: Urine Salesmen Of The Apocalpyse [sic]

Interview by Byron Coley, Forced Exposure, Fall 1988

SWEETLY, simply put, Spacemen 3 are the only English band that I'd walk across the street to piss on. Meaning mostly that I wouldn't even ...

Spacemen 3: Playing With Fire

Review by Chris Roberts, Melody Maker, 25 February 1989

REVOLUTION, purity, love, suicide, accuracy. These are the key words according to Spacemen 3.1 consider them eternally interesting words, don't you? Let's just leave them ...

Spacemen 3: God Only Knows

Interview by Ralph Traitor, Sounds, 11 March 1989

THE MORNING before my interview with Spacemen 3, as I'm rewinding their new LP, Playing With Fire, my Walkman starts to emit a peculiar pulsing ...

Spacemen 3: Spacemen E

Interview by Jack Barron, New Musical Express, 29 July 1989

THE TRAIN TO Rugby rattles down the track. On my lap lies an inch-thick collection of press on Spacemen 3. One quote in particular leaps ...

Summer 1990: The Madness

Report and Interview by John Robb, Sounds, 14 April 1990

With The Stone Roses at Spike Island, the Mondays at Glastonbury and numerous other raves, the summer of 1990 should be one to remember. John ...

Spacemen 3

Report and Interview by Martin Aston, The Catalogue, 1991

"Let me tell you about life/I got mine, you got yours"... ...

Spacemen 3: Rock'n'Roll Suicide

Interview by John Robb, Sounds, 9 February 1991

The story of SPACEMEN 3 is a cool, rock'n'roll tale of drugs, revolution and eventual destruction. JOHN ROBB meets up with Sonic and Jason on ...

Spaceman 3: Two Into Three Won't Go

Interview by Stephen Dalton, Vox, April 1991


Spiritualized: Run Silent Run Deep

Retrospective and Interview by Keith Cameron, MOJO, October 2001

Others lost their heads, but Spiritualized's Jason Pierce stuck to his vision. Keith Cameron unravels 10 years of hedonism, hard graft and betrayal. ...

Medicine Show: The Spacemen 3 fill out another Perfect Prescription

Retrospective and Interview by Fred Mills, Seattle Weekly, 25 June 2003

RUGBY, ENGLAND, SPRING ’87: Four scruffy twentysomethings are sprawled across secondhand bed mattresses arranged at asymmetrical angles on the floor of VHF Studios. The ...

Will Carruthers: Spaced

Interview by Julian Marszalek, Bass Guitar, January 2017

After playing bass with Spacemen 3, Spiritualized, the Brian Jonestown Massacre and Dead Skeletons, what's a man to do? Write a memoir of course. Julian ...

Gaz Coombes: The World's Strongest Fan

Interview by Jamie Atkins, Record Collector, July 2018

Ever been curious about what's pumping on Gaz Coombes' stereo? RC's Jamie Atkins was, so he headed to Oxfordshire to find out. ...

How Did It Feel? Spacemen 3's Playing With Fire Revisited

Retrospective and Interview by Julian Marszalek, The Quietus, 19 February 2019

Julian Marszalek speaks to Jason Pierce, Pete Kember and Will Carruthers about the making of Spacemen 3's 1989 classic, Playing With Fire ...

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