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The Springfields

Springfields, The

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Cliff Richard, Adam Faith, Brenda Lee, John Leyton: NME Poll Winners Concert, Empire Pool, Wembley, London

Live Review by Alan Smith, New Musical Express, 20 April 1962

At the NME's sensational Poll Winners' concert — CLIFF, SHADOWS, HELEN, BILLY, ADAM GIVE THRILL OF LIFETIME ...

The Springfields Think U.S. 'Stunning'

Interview by Alan Smith, New Musical Express, 28 September 1962

SAID TOM Springfield (of the Springfields): "You've no idea how stunned we were when 'Silver Threads And Golden Needles' got into the U.S. Hot 100. ...

Colder In Nashville Than Even Here Says Tom Springfield

Interview by Peter Jones, Record Mirror, 2 February 1963

MIKE PICKWORTH is the "new boy" of the Springfield's. He's the 21-year-old who took over when Tim Feild left to set up in the antique ...

The Springfields: The White Negress

Report and Interview by Norman Jopling, Record Mirror, 6 April 1963


The Springfields: Hit Trio Get The Holiday Fever!

Interview by June Harris, Disc, 13 April 1963

Another disc crashes the charts, but The Springfields still want that break! ...

The Springfields: All Change Springs Go For R and B

Interview by June Harris, Disc, 6 July 1963

TOM SPRINGFIELD gave a gusty yawn over the 'phone, remarked, "I'm not with it this afternoon, mate" and asked for two minutes silence to put ...

The Springfields: Separate Careers and All Booming!

Interview by June Harris, Disc, 30 November 1963

Dusty, Tom and Mike go solo — and head for the top ...

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