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Alive and Kicking

Report by Ben Myers, Melody Maker, 31 May 1997

Sunday sunshine and a celebrity soccer shoot-out! A brace of top pop stars recently puffed their way around the pitch in a charity match. Some ...

The Stereophonics Interview

Interview by Dan Gennoe, Making Music, 1998

THE MINDS OF the Stereophonics are obviously somewhere else. As they're ushered through the rain from the tent where they've been signing autographs since finishing ...

Stereophonics: Be Herr Now!

Interview by Neil Mason, Melody Maker, 14 February 1998

Voted Best New Band in The Maker's Readers' Poll, Stereophonics are set to seriously f*** up 1998. We join them in Berlin and hear how ...

The Stereophonics

Interview by Ian Fortnam, Vox, June 1998

"Only in America," postulates a booming Welsh baritone, "could they have a museum dedicated to a fucking soft drink." ...

Tom Jones and the Stereophonics

Profile and Interview by Neil Mason, Melody Maker, 1 March 1999

LOOKING OUT across the affluent Silverlake area of Los Angeles stretching out below us, this is not your usual house. Perched high on a hilltop, ...

OK Composers: Stereophonics: Performance And Cocktails (V2)

Review by Johnny Cigarettes, New Musical Express, 6 March 1999

WE NEED bands like Stereophonics. Or so the cynical consensus would have you believe. Because, even if you couldn't pick them out of a post-Britpop ...

Stereophonics: Three Local Boys Go Global

Report and Interview by Ben Myers, Kerrang!, April 1999

THERE'S A GAGGLE of giggling girls in the hotel lobby. There's even more outside the venue, huddled under blankets or sitting smoking cigarettes in doorways. ...

Stereophonics: Ulster Hall, Belfast

Live Review by Colin Harper, Irish Times, The, 10 May 1999

DEFINING THE phrase "meat and potatoes" rock in the grand tradition of, say, Rory Gallagher in the '70s, the most remarkable thing about this young ...

Stereophonics: Just Enough Education To Perform

Review by Chris Roberts, Uncut, May 2001

ON THE extraordinarily long-winded new single 'Mr Writer', which plods like few records not made by Oasis have plodded, Kelly Jones exhorts music journalists to ...

Stereophonics: Irving Plaza, New York

Live Review by Devon Powers, PopMatters, 6 February 2002

WHAT COMES AFTER Britpop? Or, the Stereophonics take your American hype and shove it ...

Stereophonics: Under Pressure

Report and Interview by Paul Elliott, Q, August 2003

It isn't easy being in the Stereophonics, not when old mates andtabloid stalkers are messing with your mind. Perhaps that's why Kelly Jones has been ...

It was 40 years ago today: Remaking Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Report and Interview by Robert Sandall, Daily Telegraph, 31 May 2007

The Beatles' monumental album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is being re-recorded by some of the biggest names in pop. Robert Sandall reports. ...

Duran Duran, Stereophonics, Paolo Nutini, Snow Patrol: Olympic Concert, Hyde Park, London

Live Review by Nick Hasted, Independent, The, 28 July 2012

Snow Patrol, Simon Le Bon and Ricky Gervais's beard strike a chord ...


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