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Stock Aitken Waterman

Stock Aitken Waterman

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Stock Aitken Waterman: Money, Love And Fun

Interview by David Quantick, New Musical Express, 18 July 1987

Million-selling marketing men STOCK, AITKEN and WATERMAN wouldn't know a political point if one hit them on the head, but, boy, can they get a ...

Sampling the Sounds

Report by Simon Frith, Jon Savage, Observer, The, 18 October 1987

SIMON FRITH and JON SAVAGE on more copyright complexities ...

Stock, Aitken and Waterman: Let the Kids Decide

Interview by Sean O'Hagan, New Musical Express, 19 December 1987

Messrs. STOCK, AITKEN AND WATERMAN were this year's answer to Swain and Jolley, only (surprise surprise) they don't see it that way. SEAN O'HAGAN hears ...

Pete Waterman: The Prat Who Calls Himself The Hitman

Report and Interview by Simon Witter, Sky, April 1989

The prat who calls himself the Hitman is how Stock Aitken Waterman's Pete Waterman describes himself. It's an admission that a 42-year-old who throws himself ...

Novelty Records: When pop goes bad

Retrospective by Dave Simpson, Guardian, The, 22 September 2010

The excruciatingly catchy novelty song was a hallmark of the 1980s. Is it back? And how do you write one? Dave Simpson talks to the ...

Rick Astley: How we made 'Never Gonna Give You Up'

Interview by Dave Simpson, Guardian, The, 23 March 2020

"One day I was making the tea for Bananarama. The next I was at No 1." ...

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