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Tori Amos

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Ellen Amos: Piano Bars - Springboards to Success

Interview by Charles Bermant, The Washington Times, 2 September 1983

COCKTAIL PIANISTS OCCUPY the lowest rung in the musician's hierarchy. While there are some whose performances approach true art, and others whose reputations place them ...

Tori Amos: Stranger in a Strange Land

Report and Interview by Mark Cooper, Daily Telegraph, December 1991

THE LIGHT IS falling in Tori Amos's Kensington flat and she is packing for a Christmas visit to her parents back in the USA. Amos ...

Vote Tori

Profile and Interview by Nick Coleman, Time Out, 22 January 1992

Some songwriters wash their dirty linen in public. Tori Amos dries hers there as well. Nick Coleman dodges the rows of hanging knickers to meet ...

Tori Amos: Can we talk?

Profile and Interview by Mat Snow, Q, February 1992

If you have a moment, Tori Amos, composer, songstress and troubled soul has a few things she’d like to get off her chest. There’s her ...

Tori Amos: I Wanna Sell You A Tori

Report by Terry Staunton, New Musical Express, 8 February 1992

Six months ago she was nobody, today TORI AMOS is well on the way to becoming a household name. The former LA 'rock chick' has ...

Tori Amos Finds Herself

Report and Interview by Paul Zollo, Musician, May 1992

"IT ALL COMES from the centre," she says, pointing to her navel. Tori Amos is explaining where her songs are conceived. "It's like a constant ...

Tori Amos: From Rock Chick To Twisted Mystic

Interview by Tom Hibbert, Details, November 1992

YOU'VE SAID that you were an awkward, hapless teenager. How bad was it? ...

Tori Amos

Interview by Mark Petracca, Entertainment Weekly, 1993

THE LAST PERSON you'd expect pumping the stair master at your local "Y" would be Tori Amos, but lo and behold, there she was in ...

Tori Amos: The Keys to Success

Profile and Interview by Robert Sandall, The Sunday Times, 16 January 1994

Tori Amos, the piano's Nigel Kennedy with a prettier face, has swapped America and her classical training for Britain and its pop. ROBERT SANDALL meets ...

I Believe In Peace, Bitch. Tori Amos Talks Back

Profile and Interview by Ben Edmonds, Creem, March 1994

EVERYBODY IS multi-lingual. You learn a language to communicate with other people. You learn a dream language to communicate with yourself. But the real language, ...

Tori Amos: Under The Pink (Atlantic)

Review by Mark Cooper, Q, March 1994

THESE HAVE not been good years for distinctive new voices who have to swiftly follow their groundbreaking debuts with that crucial sophomore outing. ...

Tori Amos: So You Found A Girl Who Thinks Really Deep Thoughts

Interview by Kim Fowley, BAM, 10 March 1994

THE PROSTITUTES who work at Nevada's infamous Chicken Ranch brothel, just outside of Las Vegas, once raved to me about Tori Amos's debut Atlantic LP, ...

PJ Harvey, Björk, and Tori Amos: Hips. Lips. Tits. Power.

Interview by Adrian Deevoy, Q, May 1994

Well, would you spill their pint? In the last 18 months, Polly Harvey, Björk, and Tori Amos have rogered the charts with their special brew ...

Tori Amos

Retrospective and Interview by Ben Edmonds, Contemporary Musicians, September 1994

AFTER SPENDING years in classical piano training, then experimenting with the Los Angeles rock scene, Tori Amos attracted a popular music audience with her pure ...

Tori Amos: Ginger Nut

Profile and Interview by Pete Paphides, Time Out, 20 December 1995

SOMETIMES IT'S hard to know where the marketing stops and the music begins. When Tori Amos's record company launched her first album, Little Earthquakes in ...

She Walks The Line: Tori Amos: Boys For Pele (Atlantic) **

Review by Evelyn McDonnell, Rolling Stone, 8 February 1996

THE TENSION BETWEEN secular desires and spiritual devotion has fueled rock & roll frenzy since Day One, so to speak, when the fundamentalist-reared Jerry Lee ...

Tori Amos: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

Live Review by Carol Cooper, New York Daily News, 15 May 1996

Performing non-stop for nearly two hours on Monday night, Tori Amos sang and played like a woman possessed by the need for release. ...

Tori Amos: Irving Plaza, NYC

Live Review by Eric Weisbard, The Village Voice, 29 April 1998

TORI AMOS believes in the rhythm method. ...

Tori Amos: From The Choirgirl Hotel

Review and Interview by Sylvie Simmons, MOJO, May 1998

IT'S NOT at all what I expected. I'd spoken to Tori just before the album was completed, and the few finished tracks I'd heard were ...

Tori Amos

Interview by Barbara Ellen, The Observer, 24 May 1998

"The more comfortable I get with my sexuality, the less it leaks all over the place" ...

Tori Amos: From The Choirgirl Hotel (East West)

Review by Kit Aiken, Uncut, June 1998

Fourth album from singer/songwriter with a fan base of two million. ...

Tori Amos: Her Secret Garden

Interview by Steven Daly, Rolling Stone, 25 June 1998

With a little help from her faeries, she is doing more than just getting by ...

Tori Amos: The Loudest Voice in the Chair

Interview by Chris Smith, Performing Songwriter, September 1998

My scream got lost in a paper cup you think there's a heaven where some screams have gone?I've got twenty-five bucks and a cracker do ...

Tori Amos: Don't Mess With Mother Nature

Interview by Will Hermes, Spin, October 2001

Taking shots at male violence, the gun lobby, and Eminem, Tori Amos has made an unlikely covers record — a cross between Sybil and Quadrophenia. ...

Tori Amos: My Life in Music

Interview by Will Hermes, Spin, November 2002

BE CAREFUL what you wish for. When we asked Tori Amos to compile a list of the records that have inspired her music, she brought ...

Tori Amos

Interview by Alan Light,, January 2007

"AT THE END of the day," says Tori Amos, "if I'm not inflammatory, I wouldn't be Tori." ...

Tori Amos: An angry 40-year-old is a scary thing

Report and Interview by Bill DeYoung, The Stuart News, 23 June 2018

TORI AMOS recently celebrated her 40th birthday, and the singer/songwriter says it was no big deal. She'd already had her rites of passage. ...


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