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Rise of the House of Usher

Report and Interview by Ben Thompson, Telegraph Magazine, July 2001

APPEARING ON Channel 4's Richard Blackwood Show during his last visit to Britain, clean-cut US R&B star Usher Raymond IV startled the crowd with the ...

From Usher With Love

Interview by Ian Gittins, Q, August 2001

He was discovered at 14 by Puff Daddy, wants to move like Fred Astaire, sing like Michael Jackson and talk like the Fonz. He sold ...

Usher: Wembley Arena, London

Live Review by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, March 2002

USHER RAYMOND IV sure has his priorities right. This R&B heavyweight and MTV posterchild understands his hormone-obsessed teenage fanbase. That's why tonight, spectacle is all. ...

Usher: Confessions (Arista)

Review by Dan Gennoe, Yahoo! Music, March 2004

MAKE NO MISTAKE, when it comes to R&B, Usher Raymond is a pro. His dedication to his art could never be questioned. ...

Usher: Confessions

Review by Amy Linden, Village Voice, The, April 2004

USHER RAYMOND is a star. The faithful have thought as much for years, but recently the masses affirmed it when 1.1 million of them trooped ...

Usher: "The fans want my soul"

Interview by Angus Batey, Guardian, The, April 2010

Baring his soul is second nature to R&B superstar Usher, but although he has documented his recent divorce on a new album, he's got to ...

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