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Voice Of The Beehive

Voice Of The Beehive

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Voice Of The Beehive: Where Angels Fear to Tread

Interview by Barbara Ellen, New Musical Express, 26 March 1988

Walking the earth, stalking the fringes of the chart, VOICE OF THE BEEHIVE go five rounds with a Beaujolais-addled BARBARA ELLEN on the set of ...

Voice Of The Beehive: There's No Place Like Home

Report and Interview by William Shaw, Smash Hits, 21 September 1988

There certainly isn't, listeners, especially when you're Tracey and Melissa from Voice Of The Beehive and "home" is none other than "L.A." (man). William Shaw ...

Voice Of The Beehive, Diesel Park West, The Neighbourhood: University Of London Union

Live Review by Roy Wilkinson, Sounds, 29 October 1988

STUDENTS ARE, by and large, a reviled bunch and, judging by tonight's bland acceptance of some bewilderingly sub-standard musical fare, quite rightly so. Huey Lewis ...

Voice Of The Beehive: Town & Country Club, London

Live Review by Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, 20 September 1991

Bumble Bees ...

Where Are They Now? Voice Of The Beehive

Interview by Martin Aston, Q, September 1998

Fronted by American sisters Tracey and Melissa Belland, Voice Of The Beehive mixed frothy pop, zany threads, girl-power attitude and Top 30 action in 1988 ...


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