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Boston Herald

Established in 1846, the Boston Herald is one of America's longest-running daily newspapers.

4 articles

Echo & The Bunnymen, Ian McCulloch: On the Phone to Ian McCulloch

Report and Interview by Jim Sullivan, Boston Herald, April 2010

IAN MCCULLOCH likes to ruminate. Spend an hour with the lead singer-songwriter of Echo & the Bunnymen and he'll swerve through a plethora of topics. ...

Cherie Currie, The Runaways: Cherie Currie recalls life as underage, underwear-wearing provocateur

Interview by Jim Sullivan, Boston Herald, 7 April 2010

WHETHER YOU WERE a rock fan in 1975 — or whether you weren't even conceived — you're going to want to take in The Runaways, ...

Brad Paisley: New England Country Music Festival, Gillette Stadium, Mass.

Live Review by Jim Sullivan, Boston Herald, 22 August 2010

"ONE OF THE greatest country cities in the world, Boston, Massachusetts," Brad Paisley gushed last night to a Gillette Stadium crowd of 51,000. And as ...

Oh Land: Land o' Plenty

Report and Interview by Jim Sullivan, Boston Herald, 6 December 2011

YES, OH LAND is her real name – sort of. "My friends and family call me Nanna and I would like it to stay that ...

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