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Creative Loafing

Creative Loafing

Creative Loafing was the generic title for a number of alternative weekly newspapers published initially in Atlanta, Georgia and then a number of other US cities between 1972 and 2012.

The Black Crowes: Black Magic From The Amen Corner: The Black Crowes’ voodoo resurrection

Overview by Kandia Crazy Horse, Creative Loafing, January 1999

Jesus of Nazareth Chris Robinson ain't. Some detractors drew a purely visual comparison along these lines in recent years, when the Black Crowes' singer/songwriter wore ...

Donny Hathaway: Half-life in the Bush of Ghosts: Come back, Donny

Retrospective by Kandia Crazy Horse, Creative Loafing, April 1999

MY RECENT THEORY is that if the late soulman/scribe Donny Hathaway had been white he would be as (cult) famous as Cosmic American Gram Parsons; ...

Drive-By Truckers: Confessions of a Trucker

Interview by Jason Gross, Creative Loafing, November 2005

TRYING TO FIT in as the newbie in an established band is a weird, awkward, disorienting task – just ask Ron Wood what it was ...

Bonnie Raitt: Red Hot Mama

Profile by Jason Gross, Creative Loafing, August 2006

ARE THERE ANY active old-school divas that we can still look up to? Cher? Retired. Tina Turner? Retired. Barbara Streisand? Her too. Joni Mitchell? Yep. ...

The Roots: They're A (Funky) American Band

Profile by Jason Gross, Creative Loafing, October 2006

"WHAT KIND OF music do they play?" a Def Jam receptionist innocently asked, when queried about the Roots. Although self-classified as a rap group, the ...

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