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Dallas Observer

Dallas Observer

The Dallas Observer, founded in 1980, is a free alternative weekly newspaper distributed in Dallas, Texas

3 articles

X: Billy Zoom’s Out, But X Goes On

Report and Interview by Cynthia Rose, Dallas Observer, 28 November 1986

"THE ONE 'MESSAGE' X HAS AS A BAND," John Doe once told me, "is that whether you fit in or not, you can be ...

Dewey Groom: Longhorn Man

Profile and Interview by Cynthia Rose, Dallas Observer, 18 August 1988

"YOU KNOW HOW overrated this club business is, psychologically," Dewey Groom is saying, shaking his head. "People think it's a good-time job. They think it's ...

The Strange Odyssey Of Acid House

Report by Cynthia Rose, Dallas Observer, 23 February 1989

LONDON – On February 9, 1989, the mutant musical movement known as Acid House made it into The Dallas Morning News for the second time ...

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