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East Village Other

East Village Other

The East Village Other was a major New York underground paper, published between 1965 and 1972.

2 articles

MC5: The MC5

Profile and Interview by Lita Eliscu, East Village Other, 14 May 1969

ROCKET ROCKET ROCKET to the — YEAHHHHH the — Fuckit yeah yeah sheeeeit baby Get. Down. On. It. Cmon mothahfuckahs CMON MOTHAH-FUCKAHS MAKE FUCK A ...

John Sebastian: THILM

Column by Lita Eliscu, East Village Other, 3 March 1970

MEDIA INTERFERENCE interactions of the past couple of days probably a week, 6 days; around there: The Grateful Dead, Love, The Allman Brothers, Zabriskie Point, ...

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