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James Hunter

Interview by Graham Reid,, June 2008

AT 46, JAMES Hunter from Colchester in Essex is an overnight soul-singing sensation who took a couple of decades to get to where he is. ...

The Chills: The Dream is Over: Martin Phillipps of the disbanded Chills, interviewed in 1992

Profile and Interview by Graham Reid,, 24 May 2009

MARTIN PHILLIPPS looks bad. His skin is pasty, he's unshaven and his eyes look like an owl's in an arc light. He's been up for ...

Judee Sill: The Disappearing Crayon Angel

Retrospective by Graham Reid,, 18 October 2009

THERE SEEMS to be an alarming number of women musicians written out of popular culture: Doris Troy, Minnie Ripperton, Laura Nyro, Judy Henske, Mireille Mathieu, ...

Leon Russell: Powerstation, Auckland

Live Review by Graham Reid,, April 2011

BECAUSE WE KNOW keyboard players do their work sitting down, few would have been worried when Leon Russell – 69, walking with a cane – ...

Leon Russell: Ever the Journeyman: Leon Russell Interviewed

Retrospective and Interview by Graham Reid,, 13 April 2011

WHEN LEON RUSSELL left his home in Tulsa for Los Angeles after having played in teenage rock bands, a career in music wasn't what he ...

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