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The Financial Times, founded in the UK in 1888, is the primary English language daily newspaper with a special emphasis on business and economic news. It is now available in five international editions.

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James Blunt: Strange Life Of An Army Dreamer

Interview by Ludovic Hunter-Tilney, Financial Times, 8 July 2005

James Blunt came to pop stardom the hard way, via Harrow, Sandhurst and the Household Cavalry. ...

Courtney Love: 'I've Lived A Really Weird Life'

Interview by Ludovic Hunter-Tilney, Financial Times, 15 December 2006

THERE ARE signs of clean living everywhere in Courtney Love's hotel suite. ...

Dizzee Rascal: 'I Was Just Being Cheeky'

Interview by Ludovic Hunter-Tilney, Financial Times, 9 June 2007

TOP OF the world, that's how Dizzee Rascal feels. Early sales of his new album Maths and English indicate a top-10 hit. "It's a couple ...

Gilbert O'Sullivan: "The equal of any songwriter"

Retrospective and Interview by John Lewis, Financial Times, 28 September 2007

WORLD-WEARY songs about death. Waggish wordplay. A scruffy urchin persona. When Morrissey performed Gilbert O'Sullivan's 1970 hit 'Nothing Rhymed' at a gig in Dublin last ...

50 Cent: Always The Lion In The Room

Interview by Ben Thompson, Financial Times, 8 February 2008

ON MEETING the rapper and business mogul 50 Cent, the first thing you notice is that he's a lot smaller than he looks onstage. In ...

AC/DC: Heavy Metal's Eternal Schoolboys at the O2 Arena

Live Review by Ludovic Hunter-Tilney, Financial Times, 17 April 2009

We've got some old songs and some new songs for you," AC/DC's singer Brian Johnson growled, in an accurate but dispiriting précis of the AC/DC ...

David Bowie: Station to Station: The importance of David Bowie

Essay by Paul Morley, Financial Times, 3 September 2010

HOW MUCH DO you like David Bowie? You will have to like him a lot to want to spend more than £80 on a deluxe ...

A-ha: The Highs and Lows of being a-ha

Retrospective and Interview by Jenny Valentish, Financial Times, 18 March 2016

How many farewell tours can one band have? Magne Furuholmen talks about stardom, group therapy — and why his music is more than just fluff. ...

Marc Ribot: Café Oto, London

Live Review by Ludovic Hunter-Tilney, Financial Times, 23 January 2018

MARC RIBOT is best known for his work for other musicians. That's Ribot's off-centre, jagged guitar on Rain Dogs, Tom Waits's 1985 album, the start ...

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