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Folk Roots

Folk Roots

Folk Roots,now known as fRoots, is a music magazine published monthly in the UK, specialising in folk and world music.

5 articles

Zakir Hussain: Thunder On The Mountain

Profile and Interview by Ken Hunt, Folk Roots, February 1987

ZAKIR HUSSAIN is a musician who straddles the East-West divide. Like his father, Ustad Alla Rakha Khan, his instrument is the tabla and like his ...

Nanci Griffith: The Acoustic Room, The Mean Fiddler, Harlesden

Live Review by Ken Hunt, Folk Roots, April 1988

THE WORD 'CHANTEUSE' seems to be undergoing one of its periodic journalistic revivals. It's a slightly unusual word, it's French and it was always far ...

Terry Allen: Lubbock (On Everything) (Special Delivery SPT 1007/8)

Review by Ken Hunt, Folk Roots, April 1988

OVER THE LAST month or so, each time you turned on the TV, opened the paper or virtually any magazine that runs to book reviews, ...

David Gray

Interview by Colin Harper, Folk Roots, March 1995

"THE REASON," says David Gray, at the end of our interview, "that journalism doesn't work most of the time is 'cos the artist isn't there ...

Andy Irvine

Interview by Colin Harper, Folk Roots, October 2000

HAVING BEEN through the music business mill several times over the past thirty-five years, with spells in such legendary and pioneering Irish music ensembles as ...

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